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Why Focusing On Your Klout Score May Actually Lower It

Why Focusing On Your Klout Score May Actually Make It Go Down

There have been plenty of talk online about Klout and some have built a case of how important it is to have a high Klout score, while others would argue that the score doesn’t really matter at all. These types of blog posts or Facebook status updates usually get the attention of many, for a lot of people use Klout and want to know more about it. It has become harder and harder to really know which stories we should actually follow and apply or not apply to our Klout score.

As most of you already know, Klout provides a score based on your online influence, which is a number between 1 and 100. Klout examines a multitude of variables on the social sites you use, which determines what score you receive, including the actions made on the various social networks you connect to Klout. In order to get started you must have a Twitter account, if you already have one, than you already have a Klout score.

How a Klout score is used depends on why a person uses Klout. Some just simply want to gage how influential they are online, while others may use it to help in getting them a job. Either way, the popularity of having a Klout score is rising and many of us wonder how we can get our scores higher.

It is important to know that Klout is not the precise measurement of your online influence since it is only based on the social networks that Klout allows you to connect to their site. You may use other social sites that are not included on their list that could ultimately change your score if they were. It is also Klout who determines what variables are looked at in order to create your score, which are based on what they deem to be important.

However, Klout is very useful in getting some insight and a better understanding of how well you engage, share, like, and interact online. It provides motivation in wanting to improve upon the involvement you have with your online communities within the social networks connected to Klout.

With that said it is important not to become consumed by your Klout score. Some people try various ways to increase their score by overloading their social networks and become so focused on the number they forget to be real, which ultimately makes their score go down. We all want a higher number, but we must remember why we use social media in the first place, is it to receive a high number or to connect with people.

The best way to increase your Klout score is by staying true to your social networks. There is nothing wrong with wanting to share or interact more, in fact, I encourage it, but make sure to check the motives behind it. Focusing on your Klout score and changing the way you interact online because of it, can actually do the opposite and decrease your number.

Your Klout score should be a reflection of what you do on social networks and not become the reason why you use them. Klout is great for evaluating your online influence, but should not end up being what influences you.

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  • msmir's picture
    Nov 7 Posted 4 years ago msmir

    I have a high Klout score and it is because I am always sharing interesting info that other's like. I have my own reasons for wanting to keep my Klout score high including the prospect of relocating and finding a part time job in marketing. But I do agree 100%. Those who are obsessed with their scores the way you describe end up usually gaming the system and that ends up biting back in the end. 

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