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Why Google Authorship Is More Important Than Your Website

In yesterday’s post I mentioned Google Authorship, and the importance of having the same photo on your email signature as you have on your authorship.

But today I want to go a step further with a big bold statement: Authorship is more important than your website because Google is now grading and ranking authors instead of websites.

Brand Consistency

Because you post across your own social media platforms, commenting on other people’s blogs and posting and on other people’s social media accounts, Google is following and ranking you as a person, not just your website now.

Google FootprintYour Google Footprint

Google now tracks your authority in your industry and will follow the trail of you footprints as you move around from place to place on the web. Then it will aggregate everything you do and pull it all together. Your website will ultimately get ranked by the ‘authority’ that the author has. This means that an author who has been well ranked by Google will help to raise the profile of any website that they are associated with.

How can you make sure you use this to benefit your business?

This means that the old methods of link building will not be as important as the credibility of the author. However, the one thing that has not changed is the importance of quality content, this is how you will build your authority.

This explains why I am getting daily requests from people to guest blog for me. People want to be associated with me and my site because it has been ranked by Google as an authority site.

Likewise, to improve my rankings, I must associate my work with people who have even better rankings than me so that I can climb the ladder. That’s why I was so pleased when Mari Smith retweeted my blog post the other day.

The third thing that you can do to increase your ranking is to use Google+. It will be the centre of the hub if you like. You will need to connect each of the websites that you write for to Google+ and make sure that you are recognised as the author.

It is also good practice to post your blog posts in Google+ and share them with your connections. This will increase your rankings and connect each thing you do with your authorship.

Google has patented the Author Ranking System

Google Authorship Ranking Patent

Here is the abstract from the patent:

“The author ranking technique described herein is a technique to rank authors in social media systems along various dimensions, using a variety of statistical methods for utilizing those dimensions.

More particularly, the technique ranks authors in social media systems through a combination of statistical techniques that leverage usage metrics, and social and topical graph characteristics.

In various exemplary embodiments, the technique can rank author authority by the following:

1) temporal analysis of link sharing in which authority is computed based on a user’s propensity to provide early links to web pages that subsequently become popular;

2) topical authority based on the author’s links and content updates in specific topic areas; and

3) popularity and influence based on nodal properties of authors.”

How Can You Build Your Authorship Ranking?

1.  Be active on Google+

2.  Connect your site(s) to Google+

3.  Contribute to conversations in your specialist area in your preferred places like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or other blogs.

4.  Be a guest blogger on authority sites in your industry.

Join The Conversation

  • Jun 3 Posted 3 years ago Patrick Launspach

    Thank you for this insightful article.

    This change to focusing on individual authors makes perfect sense and fits right in with the shift over the last decade of individuals creating and publishing content rather than just businesses.

    I think that this will further empower individuals participating and building communities on the internet, but will not necessarily hurt corporations and brands as long as they know how utilize, connect with, and empower these individuals.  This also reinforces the importance of building a personal brand.

    How ironic is that while the Internet might reduce the amount of time we spend interacting with people face to face it continually seems to make us more 'human'?

  • baawraman's picture
    Jun 3 Posted 3 years ago baawraman

    Hi Kay,

    Great post! Surely, Google authorship is going to the game in coming future.. according to me, reason why Google is moving towards "Authority" is to identify who is writing the content?  It is very hard to identify who is the person behind this content? Does (s)he knows the topic in question? I guess Google Authorship is the answer to these questions. Same Applies on links as well. 

    That being said, Mat Cutts recently announced that they are going introduce an algo which will identify "Authorities in Niche". Here is the video:

    He said that "We are doing a doing a better job of detecting when someone is sort of an authority in a specific space. It could be medical, it could be travel, whatever. And trying to makes sure that those rank a little more highly, if you are some sort of authority or a site that according to the algorithms we think might be a little bit more appropriate for users.". 




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