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Why Google+ is Great for SEO

Having landed and created huge ripples in the social networking sphere, Google+ has continue to grow at a particularly rapid pace, increasing by over 10 million users in the space of a week, having now reached 20 million. There’s been a great deal written about it in comparison with Facebook and to some extent Twitter, but I’d like to draw on one of the key ways that it differs from the two; SEO. 

Having done some digging with the rest of the team at PR company Punch to find out a bit more about how it works, we found that Google+ is a great source of links that can be used for SEO benefit. It’s interesting to see that Google has opted to allow links that pass page rank in contrast to the other major networks such as Facebook and Twitter which only allow links that Google’s spiders can’t follow, and I think it’s likely that this could be part of the Google+ project strategy to grow as big as the two social media giants.

With Google co-founder Larry Page confirming the popularity of the network last week, it can be assumed that the Google+ proposition to users is strong, and generating links from the network for SEO benefit could become all the more important for the future.

At present, there are a number of potential areas for the placement of links that pass on SEO benefit to the destination webpage:

  • Google+ posts - The area that is likely to be used most frequently by users is the posting feature; links found here are valuable links for SEO. This is also likely to be the place where the most dynamic links are found, so it’s probable that Google may only assign short-term weight to these links.
  • The “About Me” section - In addition, the ‘About Me’ section of each user’s profile can include SEO beneficial links too. This may be of great advantage to users with their own blogs, and indeed brands and businesses who have subscribed for the opportunity to set up business pages on Google+ akin to brand pages on Facebook. Depending on the authority of the user or brand, these static links may be of more value than those in Google+ posts.

As a result of the above we may start to see some of the more search-minded brands encouraging their consumers to engage with their content through Google+, as a means of directing valuable links back towards whatever social object they have created. This may be difficult at present given that brands can’t yet establish themselves on the network, but it’s certainly a possibility for the future, since allowing brands to engage with fans is likely to be a key source of revenue for Google.  In addition, the integration of the +1 button earlier this year shows up within users’ Google+ profiles, adding yet another incentive for brands to implement the +1 button too.

From my perspective working at a social media agency, this is certainly another change on the horizon that it’s imperative to keep on top of and an opportunity to be taken.

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  • Nov 11 Posted 5 years ago Charlie Southwell (not verified)

    From some experiments we have run, Google+ is only going to become more important (and possibly more spammed) in the future.

    Should be interesting to see how Google deal with the gaming of the system.

  • Aug 6 Posted 5 years ago Ninah

    As we all ask why another social media site, these are great reasons to use Google+ . . . besides the fact it's, well, Google.

  • shawn barrington's picture
    Aug 3 Posted 5 years ago shawn barrington

    The fact that I can choose who can see what posts makes me want to use it more and more.  and maybe even leave facebook all togeather. 

    I don't think that is really why google came out with G+ I think they came out with this to force facebook and twitter to open up more so they can increase the quality of the search engines and show more of what people are talking about in real time.  So to say that their network is better for SEO then Facebook or twitter is right on the money.

  • Aug 3 Posted 5 years ago ShawnBarrington (not verified)

    I don't think the SEO aspect of Google+ will be any worse for the user experince then the million facebook games, and apps that automaticly post what they just did in their farmville.  I would rather see links from people sharing different web sites then see what some one did in all the online games they are playing.

  • Aug 1 Posted 5 years ago Ellie (not verified)

    Surely this will inevitably lead to Google+ being crammed with spammers posting their own links all over the place at random? 

  • Jul 29 Posted 5 years ago Angelina (not verified)

    Great reads, If Google wants Google+ to be a number one social networking site in the world. Let allow links and be the best with it

  • Jul 28 Posted 5 years ago Jon Jackson (not verified)

    Thanks for nudging me into logging into Google+ again... interesting to see it may have further significant SEO benefits beyond simply the +1 button Google recently launched...

    Keep the articles coming!

  • Nick Ker's picture
    Jul 28 Posted 5 years ago Ker Communications

    Google+ is going to be the kind of thing you use whether you intend to or not. Kind of like the search engine. Look beyond the usual social network stuff like sharing links and look more to the huddles, sparks and whatever the Google+ business pages turn into for the major changes ahead. The level of engagement and interaction on G+ now already makes the one way communications that are so common on FB and Twitter seem almost spammy. As for SEO, one would assume that a strong Google+ presence could do nothing but help.

  • Jul 28 Posted 5 years ago Scott Clark (not verified)

    So if BrandX that sells widgetX publishes some great content on their blog that gets +1'd by the audience (even if not about widgetX, even if the customer doesn't know BrandX wrote it) you are in effect setting up a remarketing cycle in the SERPs for a future search for widgetx within that audience.  The +1 trust factor is carried over from +1-baiting and product results.


  • Jul 28 Posted 5 years ago Dave T. (not verified)

    I think the SEO aspect of Google+ will make it too messy for the current Facebook user to enjoy. You'll see 100X more posts with links in them just to get more Google juice. May be a good idea, but could ruin the user experience.

  • Jul 26 Posted 5 years ago Jake Davidow (not verified)

    Great post Alex. It makes perfect sense from an "authority signal" point of view as to why links should be followed from social pages. But I'm guessing the flow of link juice from Google + is going to last as long as it takes for spammers to begin abusing it :) 

  • Jul 25 Posted 5 years ago CMF (not verified)

    Google would revolutionize social networking with its g + and 3 buttons.



  • Jul 23 Posted 5 years ago KRONiS (not verified)

    Apparently they have severly pushed UP the date for real businesses to come onto google (and they've also done some annoying acount merges, you need to pay attention to it, but its kinda going very welll...and no ZYNGA games!)


  • Jul 23 Posted 5 years ago KRONiS (not verified)

    Why can't i +1 this?


  • Jul 23 Posted 5 years ago Kent (not verified) If Google wants Google+ to be a number one social networking site in the world. Allow links to websites is a must and it does help in helping Google+ and websites owners as well.
  • Jul 23 Posted 5 years ago Online Profiling (not verified)

    I recentlly joined this new spectacular social network, Google Plus. Infact its more than a social network as it has covered a wide range of life styles. Talking about SEO thing, I think Google would better recommend SEO activities on the basis of Google plus as its the product of Google and an SEO practitioner always aim to optimize for Google, so it will finally end up to the perfect combination. Above all, it was very nice topic and very useful information too. Thanks!

  • Jul 22 Posted 5 years ago Chris Kulbaba

    It is interesting to see how Social Media has evolved over the lat few years, and with Google trying to corner the market another few inches with Google+.

    Why would Google not increase the SEO metrics of its own social media channel?  It will be interesting to see how it evolves.   Will people use it because it works well, and furthers the connectivity of their own network and is a useful tool....

     or just because it is tied to Google?


    I am still going to stick with LinkedIn, but of course I will use Google+... it IS Google, after all.


    Chris Kulbaba

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