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Why Google+ Will Demand Our Attention in 2014

ImageNow that brands can email their followers on Google+, something that Facebook doesn't allow them to, it opens up a whole new avenue for marketers to explore. Google was probably feeling the burden of losing out to other social media platforms, and decided to re-work its strategy for 2014. The following updates make me feel confident that Google+ is here to stay in the years to come.

1. Google segregated emails into Inbox, Social, & Promotional, which improved overall user experience. Google understood that people do want to read promotional messages, but they don't want to be interrupted when they want to access their inbox - especially at work or in school.

2. Google integrated YouTube comments with Google+, and allowed content creators (brands or others) to interact with real people. People that couldn't hide behind the mask of anonymity.

3. Google allowed brands to email followers on Google+. The email would probably be in their promotional or social folder, but open rates are going to go through the roof with this new integration. We're probably going to go from 0.05% to 3-5% on emails from Google+ communities.

What was really interesting to see in 2013, was the top user category on G+, from the guys at GPlusData. It was Marketing. Marketing was the top job category on Google+. Why? Because marketers knew they had to be on Google+; but didn't know why. Google + saw this and probably considered overhauling its current processes.

Google+ Insight:- Some people aren't allowed to access Facebook and Twitter from work. It's banned at a browser level. However, Google+ is not. Hence, a lot of people use Google+ from work, when they can't access FB and TW on their computers. You've got their undivided attention for 8 potential hours; use this time to give them engaging content and meaningful discussions.

Remember Dan Pink's rule for motivation - AutonomyMastery, & Purpose. Give your audience a community that allows them to do these three things and you've got an engaged user for life.

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  • sanchitkhera7's picture
    Feb 2 Posted 3 years ago sanchitkhera7

    I completely agree with your points in the article that you wrote. I think that the moderation of the comments was previously an issue that Youtube tried to solve with the G+ integration. I've heard from other youtubers through a few podcasts that I listen to, and they've complained about fewer views after the G+ integration. I wonder why though? Why would the number of views dip? 

  • EsmeraldaIP's picture
    Jan 29 Posted 3 years ago EsmeraldaIP

    Unfortunately it's still a work in process that's hurt more than fixed. I actually address this ordeal in much more detail here: :)

  • sanchitkhera7's picture
    Jan 16 Posted 3 years ago sanchitkhera7

    Thanks Felix. You can reach out to me on Twitter for more on tips, insights & trends. I'm at 

  • Jan 15 Posted 3 years ago Felix Brown

    Thank you for an insightful presentation of G+'s capabilities. Many of us never knew about a few things which get us advantage in SEO & here I must say a great tip to go

  • sanchitkhera7's picture
    Jan 15 Posted 3 years ago sanchitkhera7

    I totally agree with you man. There is very little pull right now for a user to access his/her G+ page. The UI is weak, and there is very little action happening on there. Let's face it - its a wasteland

    But think about why G+ is an important tool for Google. G+ acts as an interface for all your needs. Your phone, your browser, your location, and your laptop. Google would leverage that some day or the other, otherwise Google would have killed off G+ just like Google Wave. They are loving the fact that everytime someone opens up a new browser, they are automatically logged into G+. They've got all this data and no competitor insight. Now we wait and watch it unfold. G+ will be integrated with your smart-devices as well. It just acquired Nest for 3B. 

  • sanchitkhera7's picture
    Jan 15 Posted 3 years ago sanchitkhera7

    That's interesting. I would have assumed that with the new integration with G+, spammy, hateful, or ignorant comments would have reduced, thereby creating a richer experience for people that have something meaningful to say about what they witnessed on a YouTube video. Could you share more about the types of problems you're facing? It would be great to read about your experience.

    P.S - What do you think about the new dashboard where you can respond to all comments from one interface?



  • sanchitkhera7's picture
    Jan 15 Posted 3 years ago sanchitkhera7

    I agree with you Hailley. Most marketers are not sure about the potential of G+. The only saving grace is that it's backed by Google Inc., which at any point in time can pump in billions to make it a lot more competitive. I think every social media channel needs to solve a consumer need, something that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram do.

    In some of the SMX conferences last year, representatives from Google have stated that G+ is the future of Google. However, I see G+ to be more of a data warehouse. G+ has all your information right from where you're located, your search history, your demographics, your emails, your phone notifcations, etc. I think Google might open itself up to selling some of that data to brands in the future - when privacy won't be a concern. 

  • hailley's picture
    Jan 14 Posted 3 years ago hailley

    That's a really interesting point that Google + has people's attention at work, something I had never considered but that does in fact probably give Google + a slight advantage, unless of course managers figure this out and Google + is the next platform to be blocked. 

    I have to agree that Google demanding attention is not the best tactic, although they do in fact have a great platform. Google + offers a lot of possibilities to brands. It will be interesting to see whether or not the user base actually grows more, or if they just push back.

  • EsmeraldaIP's picture
    Jan 14 Posted 3 years ago EsmeraldaIP

    I agree with Avtar above, Google is demanding our attention but that doesn't mean it's working. As someone who works extensively on the YouTube platform, the Google+ integration with YouTube comments has been a disaster. Even those who agree to integrate their Google+ account into their YouTube channels are having big issues. As for the segregated emails, the system isn't perfect as it doesn't classify emails correctly.

  • Avtar Ram Singh's picture
    Jan 14 Posted 3 years ago Avtar Ram Singh

    Google+ "demands" attention - and as you might have guessed, demanding your users for something isn't usually the best tactic to employ in today's day and age.

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