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Why LinkedIn is Important for Your Professional Future

LinkedInWhile over 200 million people have LinkedIn profiles across the world, many are not actively involved with LinkedIn on a regular basis.  Many profiles are lacking professional information, profile images, recommendations, and regular updates.  One might say, 'Well, I already have a job, why do I need to bother with LinkedIn?!' or simply believe they do not have time to update their information.  Although LinkedIn may not be at the top of your list of social media networks to spend your time on (like Facebook), here are a few reasons for using LinkedIn that you may want to consider:

Creating Connections

Connecting with other professionals in your field may help improve your job performance. Use your connections to learn more about your field by reading updates and asking questions.  You may find an unexpected connection that can help you accelerate your career or that could be a potential client.  Connections are also a great way to learn about networking events in your area. Interact with your connections to find out more about them.

Online Resume

Whether you have a job or not, having all of your professional information up to date on LinkedIn is a great way to promote yourself. Your LinkedIn page is basically like an online resume and can help you add strong connections, find a job you are looking for, or tell others about your accomplishments and expertise.  Are you a business owner? It can get your business in the hands of those who can use your products and services.  Get your name out there!  You never know when an opportunity can present itself.  Listing the company you work for on your LinkedIn profile and interacting with those who are interested in the company, can help attract potential partners and clients.

Job Alerts

LinkedIn now recommends jobs that match your profile and shows job listings in your network. LinkedIn also has an option to send out email alerts for recommended jobs. This particular feature can come in handy for many users looking for a job, wanting to switch careers, or move up in the corporate ladder. For those that own a business and are looking for employees, LinkedIn gives the ability to post job listings. Many times, applying for a job on LinkedIn is as easy as showing the potential employer your LinkedIn profile, another important reason to keep your information up to date and complete.

LinkedIn Groups

Joining groups on LinkedIn can be a great way to communicate with others in your field and gain access to tons of resources.  Search for groups in your field and even groups in your area. This can be an invaluable resource for connecting with people who can get you to where you want to be.

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  • cg00's picture
    Mar 29 Posted 4 years ago cg00

    "In my past experiences, I found that Linkedin was more than just another social media platform. In fact, it is one of the greatest references that I have ever had access to in my entire life. The reason that I still believe this today is because just about every professional that I made contact with indirectly encouraged me to go back to school for higher education purposes and right now, I am studying to become a Web Programmer along with pursuing my Project Management & Lean Six Sigma Certifications."

  • Nina Churchill's picture
    Mar 26 Posted 4 years ago Nina Churchill

    A few good ways to connect with others would be to look through the "People You May Know" suggestions LinkedIn gives you.  I have found that I do not know most of the people personally, but they are generally in the same field as me.  Also, once you join a few groups, you will be able to connect with others that way.

  • chaitsy's picture
    Mar 26 Posted 4 years ago chaitsy


    Its a great post but i want to ask you a quick question : Linkdin is a professonal network according to you but all people i can access is my friends who i went to school with and some guys who i know. I am sure about how i can meet and grow my network?.


  • Nina Churchill's picture

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