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Why Sentiment Analytics is Crucial to Social Marketing

As the use of social media becomes more of a necessity than a random activity, marketing has seen a big shift in reaching out to potential customers. Today, as brands enter the age of social business, people are learning that they have a voice when it comes to product development through customer-company collaborations. The salesman approach is already passe. What the buyer says is more important now than what the seller is talking about. Customer relations management is one of the key components that is crucial for business to swim in the vast ocean of social media. A single tweet or an insensitive comment on Facebook can make or break any brand. Just look at how Jeff Jarvis turned a snowball into an avalanche of rants during Dell Hell a couple of years ago.

Marketers now realize that emotions complement buying personas of social media users. Thanks to social platforms, it has given customers a podium of sorts to express their insights and emotions about a brand. While social media ROI is still a gray area, some marketers are still skeptic if social platforms are mere PR and marketing enhancements rather than a tool that could determine emotions as a key factor affecting purchasing decisions. According to a recent IBM survey, 1,700 CMOs admitted that creating a emotional connection with their customers has become one of their top priorities. Why? As much as you want to enhance your brand’s PR, you should leverage people’s emotions as well. Sentiment analytics and PR complement each other. These two areas should work in synergy in order to create a polished CRM initiative for every company.

So how do we deduce this so-called “emotional connection” between brands and consumers? One of the latest branches in marketing called neuromarketing studies consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli. Every ad conveyed through traditional media or social channels begets a reflex action from a person. Marketers can learn why consumers make the decisions they do, and what part of the brain is telling them to do it through neuromarketing. Traditional marketers still tend to rely on conventional market research but the rules have changed with the rise of social platforms. Actionable data are now made available where everything is made instant through the use of social channels. A smart marketer doesn’t rely on old school marketing tactics alone, with advancements such as eye-tracking studies and real-time analytics, it’s a must that marketers and brands should keep their options open and ascertain what will augment their marketing arsenal.

Using social channels to get a message across is just the linchpin to acquire social data. It’s impossible to acquire social data without using social platforms. Every brand on the planet has established a following in relevant social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The next challenge is how to squeeze some juice out of consumers that is crucial to every marketing campaign. Social data isn’t a fad, every feedback, rant, or suggestion is essential to make a successful campaign especially if a brand meticulously measures social behavior from user-generated content.

Behavioral analytics tools such as a “mood meter” is being used by news organizations in order to gauge readers’ feedback aside from comments and rants, but as businesses embrace social marketing practices and begin thinking like publishers, it’s a must that they learn to analyze and assess what people are saying about their products. Keep in mind that every Tweet or Like carries a sentiment, and with every sentiment there’s an emotion that could be turned into a purchasing opportunity.

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  • Mac Ocampo's picture
    Mar 13 Posted 5 years ago Mac Ocampo SQB

    Hi, Lynn. Appreciate the comment. It really matters how a business owner uses a personal approach to interact with customers and not sounding like a salesman. Customers appreciate a good conversation which will educate them about the product/service you're offering.

  • learnit2earnit's picture
    Mar 13 Posted 5 years ago learnit2earnit

    Hi Mac,  Really enjoyed your article today.  You shared some good information that is very helpful for those Business Owners still on the fence about social media and the consumer.  Now more than ever, learning about your visitors, how they engage and ultimately what they buy is a huge factor in growing a business for success. 

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