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Why social media success is about quality not quantity




Defining social media success, for some, is all about playing the numbers game. For some, it’s down to meaningful social media engagement. For others, it’s about quantity and quality in equal measure.

But, whichever way you measure your social media success, one thing is clear – as in business in general, the relationship-building has to come first.

Quantity can rarely be sustained into long-term, profitable social media engagement without first giving quality.

This, it seems, is an ongoing struggle for some. Image

For me, successful social media engagement is focused on quality first.

What do I mean by this, and why is it important for your social media engagement? Well, consider the following:

Is it better to have 1,000 highly-engaged, motivated, re-tweeting followers on Twitter, or 10,000 followers who barely notice your tweets, least of all re-tweet and share your social media content on a regular basis?

No brainer, really.

Or – to take the example to another social media platform – which Facebook profile are you more likely to share social media content from: the one constantly posting meaningless, random and generic ‘inspirational’ quotes, or the one posting selective, personal, meaningful hyperlinks and photos?

Another no brainer.

In the current frenetic climate online of ‘Like Me, Follow Me, Share Me‘ it’s still crucially important to build the relationship before asking anything of your social media network.

You have to give before you can ask for anything. Why? Because it’s social media engagement, not direct selling online.

My top tips to seeing social media success with quality not quantity are:

* Like attracts like

Remember that your social media contacts all have their own networks, many of which could be beneficial to you. Try tapping into the key influencers within your social media networks, and switch them on with quality content. It will be liked, followed and shared by the simple fact that good social media content is worthy of spreading.

* Deliver quality deeply

Remember that it’s better to network small and deep than wide and diluted for the best results via social media engagement. What does this mean? Try networking and engaging with a smaller, committed group of social media contacts and watch the positive results. Going for a quantity approach might look impressive, but it’s unlikely to deliver a quality ROI over time.

* Quality costs quantatively

Remember that quality costs – and it’s always at a premium. How does this relate to social media engagement? Simple, really. To deliver a quality message, you need to invest quantatively – this means investing in creating, researching, and sharing the very best to your audience. If you feed your followers with the best, you increase the odds of a quality ROI on social media marketing.

What’s your definition of quality?

This is an important point to remember. If your idea of quality social media engagement is to push broadcasting selling messages at your audience, you can expect them to vote with their mouses and click elsewhere.


Image: Stuart Miles/Shutterstock

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  • Jul 25 Posted 4 years ago ToddMPost

    Great post! I recently blogged along similar lines by saying "Fans, Followers and Klout Don't Matter". Some people seem so focused on the numbers game that they forget that it's about engagement and action.

  • Sandra Tedford's picture
    Jun 13 Posted 5 years ago Sandra Tedford Great insight Chris. I'm also focusing more on providing quality posts and photos that resonates with my connections. I'd rather have 2 or 3 quality posts that are liked and commented on than 8 to 10 random posts that are overlooked.
  • Jun 13 Posted 5 years ago PuGzoR

    I have to disagree in some respects. Numbers can quite accurately describe how you're going, not only in social media but other areas of business, even in areas that have been traditionally labelled as qualitative measurement only. Too often numbers are i) left out of context, ii) used as a KPI when another number would be more fitting, and iii) just plain misunderstood. 

    I do agree though that it's a bit ignorant to simply aim for a number of Likes (or equivalent) as part of a campaign. There's no reason these fundamental metrics can't be used as part of a set of goals, though.

    I strongly believe that quality of engagement can be measured by long term trends. If the quality is there consistently you'll see improvements across a number of different metrics over time. Short term spikes due to virality will become less frequent but you'll still be achieving the same high figures you would have seen, if something had gone viral. 

  • chrisstreet's picture
    Jun 10 Posted 5 years ago chrisstreet


    Many thanks for your interest and comments.


    As with the thrust of the blog post, I network small and deep on social media - first and foremost, through my own blog, and then largely through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I find this approach is focused, rather than "limited".

    These platforms have proven to be the most beneficial for me - speaking from my own experience only, of course. Your experience on the "many other well-known platforms" might be beneficial for you. That being the case, congrats.

  • chrisstreet's picture
    Jun 8 Posted 5 years ago chrisstreet

    Much appreciated - and a really good comment around Klout measurement of engagement.

  • Digital Age Journalist's picture
    Jun 8 Posted 5 years ago Digital Age Jou...

    I wanted to share this blog post both on Google + and to see if there would be the opportunity to 'Pin' something in the future. You do not seem to have provisions for either of them and many other well known platforms. I am surprised to say the least. Can you explain to me why your sharing ability is so limited? Thank you.

  • Jun 7 Posted 5 years ago SOCIAL PLANET

    This is exactly why Klout could never completely or accurately reflect social influence.

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