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Why Wordpress Is the Right Choice for Your Website in 2013

2013 opens up new challenges in the web life. Surely WordPress is ready to deliver improved and fitted out suites for the wide variety of websites. Responsible design is the most discussed trend in the web design industry in 2013. Why is that, and what does it mean for your website?

wordpress website design

More than ever before, people are using handsets and tablets to seek out information on the Internet. And if you want to increase conversion rates you need to provide website visitors with usability. In 2013, WordPress offers many good themes that come with a fluid grid system making your website look great on any device.

WordPress also has another big advantage for business websites: allowing webmasters to work easily with necessary plugins. For example, the WooCommerce plugin can transform your site to a complete online store powering it with all necessary features and options. Your website can be easily integrated with various checkout options, payment cards, admin panel, reports panel and more.

Besides, selected WordPress theme should be suited your website depending on the type of your craft business.

Themes for magazine-style or news websites (Sahifa – Responsive News, Magazine, Blog, Lucid, Aggregate, ExtraNews – Responsive News Theme, TheStyle, Confidence – Blog / Magazine Themes and other WP themes):

As magazines require special-type themes that make text easy to read and content easy to view, WordPress offers themes with orderly CSS stylesheets and good layout. The current posts can be placed on the right or left side of your website like in your local newspapers.

Themes for business websites (Tersus – Responsive, WP-Responsive Premium, REWORK Responsive Modern, Apex Portfolio, Radius, and other Wordpress themes):

If you want to create a website for your business, it should provide visitors with all the necessary information about your products in the most convenient form. As the first contact with a company is very important, make sure the selected theme can display the image of your company. Also you can free use lots of WordPress blogging software to display your content efficiently. 

Photography themes (JPhotolio: Responsive Wedding Photography WP Theme, HQ Photography Responsive Theme, Full Fashion – an Ajax Fullscreen WP Theme, Blitz –  Unique WordPress Theme, PhotoPro – Photography WordPress Theme and more):

WordPress offers themes with a rotating, full-screen background with support of video and images to people who want to display their visuals (photographers, artists, etc.). These themes are powered with options for modification and management. 

Restaurant, bar, café websites (CookingPress – Recipe & Food theme, Delicieux – Restaurant Theme, Arapah – Modern Culinary Themes, Ristorante Responsive Restaurant Theme, Delicioso WordPress Recipe Theme, etc.):

WordPress is ready to provide you with very beautiful, easy-to-use and fully functional themes to help your business succeed. At your disposal are stylish menu templates, powerful theme option panels, location settings and more. There are also many features that enable online reservation and ordering systems.   

Why do people choose WordPress themes for their websites? Because they don’t have to spend lots of money to get one of them and WP themes can make any type of website look professional.

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  • Feb 1 Posted 4 years ago Paul Chato

    I totally agree that accessibility, or responsible design, is going to be more and more relevant especially as governments enact accessibility standards. Nice to see something other than WordPress mentioned as a platform. WordPress is not right for everyone. Run a few WP sites through and you'll see they are not all accessibility enabled. We have made as an alternative to WP, especially for those who don't want to learn any programming and don't want to leave their customer with a legacy of code that they won't know what to do with. Designers should be helping customers with their strategy first and then working on the tactics afterwards. Platforms are not an end in of themselves. YWD is compliant with W3C2.0 level AA standards. This is a great forum and just wanted whoever is 'listening' to know there are alternatives out there.

  • Samunak's picture
    Feb 1 Posted 4 years ago Samunak

    You are totally right Kent! And I am glad that picked Wordpress CMS to learn and use.

  • Brian Ostrovsky's picture
    Jan 31 Posted 4 years ago Brian Ostrovsky

    Hi Sam, I agree with most of the post and love Wordpress... except, ironically, for content websites. With Locable we specifically did not use Wordpress because of it's modular nature and it's treatment of articles as the only (or at least the disproportionately significant) type of content and it's modularity while great in 99% of the cases was a deterrent for us.

    That said, our corporate site and sites we build for local businesses are built in Wordpress.

  • Jan 31 Posted 4 years ago Robert Evans

    My company kept going back from Wordpress to Concrete5. We eventually choose concrete5 for its overall flexibility down the line. However my main goal was to have a website that had responsive design "built-in" and both platforms allowed this. Our customers are happy and we have already seen an influx of new tablet/mobile traffic. Responsiveness is the way to go!

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Jan 26 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    Hi Sam, wordpress is getting powerful. Even better from Joomla. Wordpress is not a blog engine anymore.

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