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Why You Have Been Thinking of Social All Wrong

In the context of business, it is time to change the way you think about social media.

We must begin viewing social media as a long term investment. Companies need to see the value of customer sentiment and brand loyalty by way of regular interaction and genuine humility. And so many companies overlook the value of social media as they pertain to search engine optimization.

Once upon a time, links held the most clout when determining the relevancy and authority of any given webpage. And for a while, that made sense. But as time went on, and SEO pros found ways to game the system and circumvent the policies and protocols set forth by search engines, the system lagged.

Now, think of your social media activity as the truest indicator of the strength of any given webpage. If you share an article, video or infographic from your personal Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account, search engines will find that content to be relevant to you and worthy of being shared. These social signals are, in essence, the same as a quality backlink in SEO terms of old.

Social Media and SEO

It is crucial to note, however, that while social media holds a clear technical benefit, it takes skill to be executed in a way that resonates with your audience and customer base.

Social media was not intended to be a soapbox for businesses to talk about themselves. Consumers don't owe your brand anything. They don't have to share your content, they don't have to interact with posts and they certainly don't have to suggest your page to other people.

Having someone to dedicate their time to running your social media accounts is critical for a business that hopes to connect in the social space. The benefits of social customer service are well documented, as are the benefits of creating an inclusive and friendly corporate identity.

Reevaluate your social media efforts. It's a marathon, not a sprint. And it is time you joined the race. 

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