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Why You Should Leave Filmmaking to Steven Spielberg

Steven SpielbergWhy aren’t you using video? Or, if you do have one or two videos posted to your website and YouTube, why aren’t you doing more? You know its valuable, particularly since that one search engine that begins with ‘G’ really loves video (and just happens to own YouTube). Not to mention most prospects and customers love video, too.

Could it be that the barrier is thinking that every video has to match a Spielberg production? Look, you’re not telling one of the great historical dramas, so just go for it. That’s not to say that hiring a professional team is always a mistake. A homepage video that is one of the cornerstone’s of communicating your identity might be worth the investment. (but even here skip the Hollywood production – and prices – and just go with quality and competence).

So if you are willing to get over the need for absolute video perfection, what are some concrete ways to amp up your video production?

Use it For Customer Testimonials

People who talk about your business carry more weight with potential customers than what you say – it’s that simple.  While including testimonials on a website has been popular for several years, using video testimonials is becoming the new wave.  It seems more believable to visitors when they can see a real person talking about your company.  The key here is to of course be honest; let your customers deliver it in their own voices.

Use It to Present Your Product

Yes, this is a sales pitch, but for customers who are already interested in your product, seeing it in action can clinch the deal.  It can answer questions they might have about the product.  Most people don’t want to buy something without seeing a photo of it first; think how much more effective a video of your product in action would be. If you have a service-oriented business, what can you do to ‘show’ that in action.

Use It to Review Your Product

This is a combination of the first two items.  You would take a person who is either a customer or professional reviewer to provide information about your product.  While you want it to be favorable, it should also be realistic.  You can even ask customers who buy your products to send in quality review videos that you can use.  This is another area where you can skip the Spielberg polish in favor of authenticity.

Make an ‘About Us’ Video

You can use a video to introduce your company to people in a powerful way.  It can be a great way to let people see a face behind the company and you can tell your story.  This is often a simple video that does not require a lot of work to create and can be even be done “hand-held” style with humor depending on your business.

Create a Video for Customer Support

Have installation and repair videos or FAQs.  You can show customers how to maintain your product or troubleshoot it if there is a problem.  This also gives them 24 hour access to a section of your customer support that doesn’t require them to make a phone call or wait on the line or send an email and wait for a response.  For service businesses, provide support by providing free information that augments what you provide.

Create Commercials

This is the traditional use of the original video marketing – TV commercials. Now video encompasses advertising in a new way, with content marketing playing a big role. But this does not rule out a more straightforward commercial approach. Maybe you have a video titled ‘Ready to Buy? Here’s How’ and show them the process.  If you do decide to create a more traditional commercial for your website, this is an area where investing in professional help might be worth it.

Remember, don’t be a filmmaker. Leave the Oscars to Spielberg. Instead of worrying about production values, make quality, authentic videos that demonstrate your values.

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  • Kent Ong's picture
    Jan 6 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    I adviced my customer to create for customer support, his company sales increase 30%. :)

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