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Why Your Company Should Switch from Telephone to Live Chat and Social Media Customer Service

Customer service is all about ‘convenience.’ Whenever a question pops up about a product or service, think about how you want to be helped: in real-time and as quickly as possible. Your instant reaction isn’t to grab your telephone, your preferred ‘go to’ is the internet. In that case, live chat and social media customer service, are a company’s way to go!

chat support

In the case of Royal Bank of Scotland, that made the total switch in 2012 from telephone to live chat customer service, figures are impressive:

  • The number of customers grew from 4.2 million in 2009 to 6 million in 2013
  • Customer satisfaction grew from 75% in 2009 to a current 80%
  • Every month, the Royal Bank of Scotland counts 44 million logins to their live chat

If your company is still lagging behind and not offering a live chat and social media customer service, time is right for a change! In the digital age, this type of customer service is the way forward. Here’s four arguments that will no doubt convince you straight away!

1. The ‘contemporary customer’ demands help via live chat and social media

Why would you grab your telephone, if nowadays all conversation and support is happening online? Customer service via live chat or social is reliable, quick and simple. You can easily include links to your company’s website for additional information. Just think of how much hassle this causes via the telephone.

If you worry your customers won’t trust it because of safety reasons, be as transparent as possible on how your company handles private information.

2. Your employees will embrace this easy-to-use communication channel

Don’t just think of how much customers will love this new approach to customer service: your employees will be just as happy! Support via live chat is a lot less time-consuming. Answering complex question will become so much easier because support agents can easily include links and direct customers to support articles.

Another plus: there’s no need to explain things twice (or more) because customers can read the conversations as much as they want!

3. Easily forward complex issues to a specialized department

Whenever customer service encounters a complex issue, they can easily forward it to a specialized department. The specialist can quickly tap into the conversation as they can read the entire chat transcript. This will save you a lot of time!

4. Expand live chat to other platforms to cover all areas of your business

Depending on what type of business your company’s in, you can add different functions to your live chat. You can not only use it for support reasons: think of other departments it could benefit from. Sales people can for example talk directly to their leads about product-related info. The overall flow of communication and customer feedback for all departments is much more streamlined.

In short, live chat comes with many benefits: it maximizes your company’s online presence, it’s a time-saver for both customers and employees and it cuts back on your company’s expenses. In comparison to telephone customer service, it can really give you an edge over your competition!

Via: BrightOne

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  • Mar 28 Posted 3 years ago Andrea Croft

    I agree with you Sophie on this that the conventional methods of providing customer service are not only slow but you can never collaborate with your potential buyers efficiently. Live chat support has totally changed the game and the market with its unique new features and capabilities. Customer support cannot be more effective than this without the help of live chat apps.

  • Sofie De Beule's picture
    Dec 27 Posted 3 years ago Sofie De Beule

    Hi Hailley

    Thank you for your comment! In the case of small companies, live chat and social media customer service definitely improve the workflow. Social media is their way forward, as it's so easy-to-use and can be cleverly maintained. 

  • Dec 25 Posted 3 years ago AmirZmora

    Much more is possible today using a technology coming from Google called WebRTC. Basically, it brings voice, video and data communication to the browser without a download and with Java Script APIs.

    This means that now the bank, insurance, eCommerce or even local store can integrate this into their Website. User can start with chat and later during the session switch to voice or video with the agent. The agent will be able to see the context of the call through the web pge the user is on, information he entered and other pages he visited.

    Twitter: @AmirZmora



  • hailley's picture
    Dec 24 Posted 3 years ago hailley

    This is so true! Not only is live chat and social media customer service more easily accesible for customers but it seems easier from a brands perspective. Especially small companies and businesses where there are really only a couple of people in charge of all of the accounts, customer service via social media keeps it efficient and easy. 

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