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Yahoo Search Change: What This Means for Your SEO

After landing a new CEO in 2012, it’s clear that Yahoo is doing everything possible to halt their downward spiral. On June 5, Yahoo made news again when they announced that they have launched the redesign they have been working on for the past few weeks. The new design offers a few new features that should be more appealing to their visitors and help the search engine better compete with Google and Bing:

  • Faster Load Time.
  • Search Results Higher on the Page.
  • New Navigation Bar.
  • Consistent Look with the Homepage.

Yahoo did a good job of trying to make things easy and convenient for users, and in the future plans to include the search bar that you see with on the homepage on all of their SERPs. Below is a before and after screenshot of the Yahoo search pages from Yahoo’s official announcement:

yahoo 1

yahoo 2

So what does this mean for SEO? It’s important to understand that all Yahoo did here was change its design. In other words, the algorithm that changes the rankings of a site has not changed. Your search results should remain the same; however it’s safe to assume that sometime in the near future Yahoo will make some sort of algorithm change. They are continuing to improve, and changing their algorithm is a great way to make that happen. No announcement has been made yet, though, so only time will tell!

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