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Your Blogging Questions Answered

Most Common Blog QuestionsHere at ConvertWithContent, we're big believers in blogging.  This year, our goal is to publish a new blog post every day.  That speaks for itself.  We wouldn't make that goal if we didn't believe in it.  Blogging is a crucial part of your online success. We've seen blogging completely change our business, and we've seen it change our clients businesses as well.  If you aren't blogging, you are missing a huge opportunity.

If you want to increase your traffic, leads and sales, you have to be blogging.  I guess all my preaching has paid off as I receive numerous questions about blogging every day.  I've started a #BlogTipOfTheDay video series on GooglePlus to address many of these.  If you have any questions about blogging, please feel free to reach out to me.  I'm always here to help and I love talking about blogging. :)

3 Common Questions About Blogging

1.  How long should a blog post be?

I'm going to give you the traditional English teacher response here. Your blog posts should be long enough to be good. On average we recommend anywhere from 400-600 words. Of course, if you can write more on a specific topic then by all means go for it. However, if you are struggling to make your post long just for the sake of making it long, you should cut it off.  You want your blog posts to be good, strong and to the point.  Consistency is really important when it comes to blogging for small business.  You want to blog as often as possible.  If you are getting burnt out on creating super long posts you might want to think about creating more shorter blog posts than 1 long blog post.

Watch my video response here. 

2.  Should I use images in my blog posts?

Yes, yes and yes.  You should 100% use images in your blog posts and for a few different reasons.  First and foremost, images grab your readers attention.  You want to use a strong image that visually explains what your post is about.  This is also the image that will be seen on Social Media sites when someone shares your post.  You want to make sure it captures your new audiences attention as well.  Beyond this, people search images on Google.  By including an optimized image in your blog post you are opening yourself up to being found in a new format -- the visual format.

Watch my video response here. 

3. How should I share my blog posts?

The success of your blog post will rely on your ability to get it out there in the social web.  Social sharing is super important to bring traffic to your site on a regular and short-term basis, but it also helps you rank better on search engines.  Search rankings will rely more and more on social sharing, so you want to make sure you are doing your part.  Every single blog post should be shared on all your social channels.  I like to break each blog post up into multiple shares and share them at different times and on different networks.

Watch my video response here. 

What blogging questions do you have?

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  • David McMahon's picture
    Jan 20 Posted 3 years ago David McMahon

    As a policy we provide for our clients blog article min 500 words however it is interesting that study from Hubspot recommend upto 800 words. But I think the best policy has always been about happen something worth saying.

  • Jan 20 Posted 3 years ago Anna Chalfin

    Hey Stephanie! Thanks for the good info. I have a question about posting pictures - how do you find good 'stock' pictures to use for a blog? I started a blog about 6 months ago and I am always really careful to use my own pictures or search for Creative Commons pictures on Flikr (and attribute them). But is there any other good way to find pictures that are ok to use? 

  • Jan 20 Posted 3 years ago Madhava Verma D...

    Very useful knowledge.

  • trainingable's picture
    Jan 20 Posted 3 years ago trainingable

    I agree with you that, a reasonable post should be at-least between 400-600 words, but sometime you couldn't write too much on particular topic. Articles always drive much organizc traffic as well as a positive sign for your Bounce rate and soccial media perspective.

  • Jan 20 Posted 3 years ago lifeofrileynyc

    Really great on hitting the high points of what your blog should be and say. We sometimes struggle with Blog Content and making it relevant and interesting at the same time. Thanks for the great post!

  • Cashone's picture
    Jan 20 Posted 3 years ago Cashone

    Thanks for sharing this useful information about how to write a blog more effectively. Now it will help me alot while writting a blog. All the three points will really help in writting a blog in a more effective manner.I will always keep these point on my mind.

  • Jan 20 Posted 3 years ago Ajay Prasad (not verified)

    Hi Stephanie

    Really nicely written on blogging. All these three questions are really helpful to increase traffic, lead and sales of our business.  Concise but accurate. Thanks for sharing.

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