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Is Your Facebook Personal Timeline Optimized for Networking?

Facebook timeline optimizationEntrepreneurs and business owners dedicate a significant amount of time nurturing existing connections and networking with potential new clients. Understanding the importance of first impressions, entrepreneurs spend time and money on a creating a professional wardrobe, developing quality printed marketing materials, and maintaining a stellar business Facebook page.

But what does your personal Facebook Timeline say about you and your business?

There are three sections that every entrepreneur should update to optimize their personal Facebook Timeline.

1. Work & Education

Located within the About section of a personal Facebook Timeline, the Work & Education section allows Facebook users to include a link to their Facebook page, as well as details including position, location, description, and time period. Once the Work & Education section is complete, it is recommended for users to change privacy settings to “Public” by selecting the globe. This ensures that any visitors to your profile can easily obtain access to your business’ Facebook page.

2. Contact Us

The Contact Us section, which is located within the About section, allows Facebook users the opportunity to include business contact information on their personal Facebook Timeline. Remember to make it easy for people to find the contact information they need to contact you!

First, confirm which email addresses are shown on your Timeline. Do you want people to contact you via the Facebook email or an alternate email? Hide any email addresses that are inactive and show only the preferred email address.

Users also have the opportunity to include up to 3 phone numbers, including home, work, and mobile. Are you on Twitter? Include your Twitter username under the IM Screen Name section. Last but not least, make sure to include your business’ website. Once you’re done updating this section, make the key contact details public by switching the privacy icon to a globe.

3. Profile Picture & Cover Photo

We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture is worth 1000 words!” What do your profile picture and cover photo say about you? Upload and use a professional photo and remove any out-of-date, inappropriate profile pictures. While Facebook users can change privacy settings for profile pictures, all cover photos are public. Again, remove any outdated and compromising photos and upload a single clean photo.

Remember, you are the face of your business! It is critical that you put your best foot forward both off and online! Implementing these suggested changes to your personal Timeline will ensure that your business maintains a professional image on Facebook.

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  • Mar 30 Posted 4 years ago treb (not verified)

    Great post!!! In really had a great time reading it!!! It was really informative, thanks for sharing!!


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