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Your Guide to Keyword Research [INFOGRAPHIC]

Performing keyword research isn't always easy. Have you tried manual look-up techniques? Or automated reports? Below is a quick and easy 5 step guide to keyword research.

keyword research basic tips

SEO Infographic via SearchEngineLand - Feature Image by Helena Alabama

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  • Feb 19 Posted 4 years ago Shauna McGee Kinney


    Delightfully smart graphic!

    I work as a content writer for high-dollar volume, low-hit-rate industries - like mining, engineering and technology. I've noticed that I have to start with step 4 and look at

    * Tenders / requests for estimates
    * Competitors and vendors websites
    * Trade associations and trade expos
    * Employment listings in the industry
    * Enterprise corporations in similar spaces

    Then, I build the landing pages around the categories of products or services my client offers. I'll then return to step 1 and see if maybe the keywords we are using have more popular synonyms and edit the landing pages. Many of the keywords I work with are not popular consumer words, but are familiar to the customers visiting the client's pages, so the stick rate and usablity is reward enough.

    I agree that all companies should invest the time and marketing budget in AdWords, Google Places, Social Media and e-mail Campaigns just like the high-traffic e-tailing and consumer websites do. The results are measured on a different scale and the keyword changes are over longer cycles of time than high-traffic sites.

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Feb 13 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    Hi Andy, Google Adwords and Wordtrakcer are very useful tool for keyword research.

  • NickTaylor's picture
    Feb 12 Posted 4 years ago NickTaylor

    Brilliant stuff - infographics always clarify everything. I'd do a bit more on the competitor analysis, maybe a full GAP analysis (PA, DA and so on) - but this is truly the core focal points that any budding SEO/PPC Exec should be looking it.

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