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Your Online Reputation: Keeping It Intact on the Social Media Platforms

social media business reputationWhen you are running a business you need to keep an extremely important thing in mind: no matter what you do, you will never be able to satisfy everybody. A lot of people will continue to post negative reviews about whatever you do. No matter what they feel, you need to care about it.  Not so critical, is when you know that they are not posting it on the internet for others to see. But when they do, you have to be in a position to take care of it immediately. You might even find a lot of haters within the social media profile of your business. Remember, it is impossible to make everyone happy. Yet, the best thing you can do with the haters is: transform them into fans.

Who are These Haters?

Surprised that you are receiving negative comments on your business page when you have great service and products? Especially when you feel you are doing everything perfect! And when you know that you shouldn’t have anyone who has a legitimate complaint to post negative comments about your business! There is no need to worry.  Often, it is found that these negative comments and “haters” are the people who are feeling that you are stealing their share of the success. They are venting it out in the form of negative comments on your social media page. Transform them into fans of your business. It will help you get some positive comments in future as well.

How to Identify a Hater?

You might be facing major issues due to the posts of haters on your social media profile. You will need to find ways to mend your reputation. But how will you identify a hater on your social media profile? There can be different types of users who post comments on your profile. Even when the comment is negative, it does not mean that the person making that comment is a hater. They can be a follower who is not satisfied with a certain action or a decision from a recent experience. And that is why they are being critical. But if you think you are moving in the right direction, engage in a logical discussion with them; try to make them understand your point. However, if you are dealing with a hater, you will find that no matter how logical you are, they will not concede no matter what you say or do. Even then, you will need to manage the situation prudently.

Deal with Haters Prudently

Worried with the issue of haters on your social media profile? Well, it is quite common these days. You need to keep one thing in mind: if you own a business and you want to publicize it, you must have a social media profile. It is the first place where you have to establish your presence. And if you have a profile on social media, be prepared to face the haters. They are just individuals who love to say nasty things about your business. Yet, you need to have a cool head on your shoulders while dealing with them. In fact, it is a major quality that you need to have if you want to transform your haters into more fans. And there are a few steps, which you can undertake to do this.

Connect with Them in Real Time

If you are online when a negative comment is posted on your profile page on a social media platform, try to reply to it immediately. It will help the person to understand that you value customer feedback. Besides, real-time communication with the person will help you understand their perspective better. So, you will be able to engage in a constructive discussion with the person who had posted a negative comment on your social media profile. It might help you to change his mind, or find them to be trying to damage your reputation falsely. And if you can do that, you will have an immense opportunity to change them into either a diehard fan of your business or root out a disenchanted competitor.

Promise to Make the Future Offerings Better

When a customer is dissatisfied about your product or service, they can also turn out to be a hater. It is likely they will provide a negative review about your offerings on your social media profile. The negative comments are surely going to hurt your reputation. However, there is a way to mend it. All you can do is satisfy the customer with your service. However, for that, you will need to convince him to go for your products and services once again. Engaging with them in the social media platform and communicating with them there will help you perform this. Ensure that you are never rude. Instead, tell them that you will take care of the situation and try to offer better products and services next time. Offer them goodwill, a discount, and ensure that you have rectified past mistakes.

Walk the Extra Mile to Follow Up

If you feel that there has been a mistake on your part, walk the extra mile to apologize. However, that is not always enough to fetch good results. Make the customer feel that they have value and are important. Following up with the customer is an important thing in these circumstances. After a certain period, you need to check out whether the customer is satisfied with your products and services. It can be helpful to pacify the disappointed customers and ensure that they do not post any more negative comments about your business online.

A negative comment about your business in your own profile is always going to hurt. The more people it reaches, the more harmful it is likely to be. Hence, you need to find out ways to reduce the impact of negative comments and revive your online reputation. Interact with the customers in a more effective manner. This will ensure that rather than posting negative comments about your business, they might turn out to be a living advertisement for your business. Besides, you should keep an eye on the comments they are posting. Taking the criticisms in proper light will help you rectify your mistakes and emerge stronger than ever before.

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