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October 24, 2015
Has your smart phone been dying a quick death every hour or so? If so, you’ve got Facebook to blame - The Social Network has admitted that their updated app is draining our battery power faster than usual.
Facebook Admits The App is Draining Your Battery | Social Media Today
October 23, 2015
Facebook's officially testing buttons that go beyond the traditional “Like” option, and it’s only a matter of time before the feature rolls out to audiences worldwide. So let’s get a jump start on how Facebook’s Reactions will change your social media marketing strategy.
3 Ways in Which Facebook’s Reactions Will Change Your Social Media Marketing Approach | Social Media Today
October 22, 2015
Facebook has announced an upgrade to it's search capacity, adding in the ability to search all public posts and get more insight into trending news and conversations.
Facebook Upgrades Search, Improves Discovery of Real-Time News and Conversation | Social Media Today
October 21, 2015
As you may have heard by now, Facebook has recently announced its latest feature to its advertising community: the Dynamic Product Ads. This new feature has left a lot of advertisers excited about the future. The Dynamic Product Ads, or the Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, is everything that the hype has been building and more. If you’re looking to improve the advertisement of your products and its sale then you will surely be excited to hear what all is in store for you.
5 Reasons To Use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
October 21, 2015
Facebook has been a critical part of our lives, helping us interact with family members, reconnect with friends from our youth, and reach customers in new and exciting ways. However, Facebookers are increasingly using the site as a bouncing-off point for some of the other things they do throughout the day. Here are 15 of the most useful and fun Facebook apps that can entertain you, help you be more productive, and improve your interactions.
October 20, 2015
Back in May, Facebook announced their new ‘ Instant Articles ’, which would provide publishers with better, on-platform tools if they posted their content direct to Facebook. Now The Social Network is ramping up Instant Articles, giving access to all iPhone users and adding more Instant content into the mix.
Facebook Bringing Instant Articles to iPhone, Adding Thousands of New Articles Daily | Social Media Today
October 19, 2015
According to a variety of news reports, Facebook has a new feature that could only exist in the weird world of vulnerable digital networks, mass government surveillance, vulnerable social media accounts, and overall security paranoia in which we now live. Basically, Facebook will now send you a courtesy message notifying you that your account may currently be under attack from a state-sponsored actors.
facebook cyber attack
October 23, 2015
Is Facebook taking a cue from Snapchat? Here are some new features Facebook is adding that look sort of familiar...
Facebook adds Snapchat-like features
October 15, 2015
Facebook's reportedly testing a new app that would effectively serve as a real-time news source, and would function similar to Twitter. The app, called ‘Notify’, would aggregate notifications from publishers, alerting users to content as it’s posted to Facebook.
Facebook Testing New Twitter-Like News App – The Next Step in Facebook’s Wider Mission | Social Media Today
October 14, 2015
Online marketing through social media is a science of its own. However, sometimes this science is based on rumors and myths that have originated either by the administrations of social media themselves or by people who claim to be specialists without really being in touch with what they propose. Let’s talk about some of the myths about Facebook.
facebook marketing
October 14, 2015
Facebook has started testing it's new 'Reactions' emotional response options, with users in Ireland and Spain being the first to get access to the new tools. So how are they being received? I asked users in both regions to get a feel for how the new functions are being used.
How Are People Reacting to Facebook’s New ‘Reactions’ Emoji Responses? | Social Media Today
October 12, 2015
Kritchanut / As reported by Hilary Hanson in the Huffington Post , Facebook, for a day or so, banned the phrase "everyone will know" from being posted and sent through Facebook Messenger . According to Hanson, several people began experiencing the same failure, as evidenced by...
October 10, 2015
For Twitter, the best time for click-throughs seems to be Monday to Thursday between 1 and 3 pm. Avoid tweeting after 8 pm most nights, though on Friday click-throughs fall after 3 pm. Twitter traffic is up between 9 am and 3 pm, but it also means that your tweets will have more tweets to compete with.
October 09, 2015
Facebook has today unveiled a new 'Team Frames' option which gives users the chance to show their support for sporting teams with custom overlays for their profile pictures. It looks a lot like Snapchat's filters - and it might just be another big winner for Zuckerberg's social giant.
Taking Cues from Snapchat, Facebook Experiments with ‘Team Frames’ | Social Media Today
October 09, 2015
Facebook is always changing and updating features. This week I stumbled upon carousel link posts. Looks like the popular multi - image carousel format isn't just for ads anymore! Read on and I'll walk you through how to post your links with multiple images.
October 08, 2015
Last month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent shockwaves through the social media community when he announced that Facebook was working on way to enable people to respond to content beyond just Likes. Now, Facebook has unveiled that alternative, with Reactions to provide users with a whole new way to register emotional reactions to posts.
Facebook Unveils ‘Reactions’, a New Way for Users to Respond to Content | Social Media Today
October 07, 2015
Social media and tech companies cannot seem to catch a break in European Union courts. Previously, Europe has riled Microsoft over monopolistic concerns, has repeatedly rebuffed Google about the right to be forgotten, and has now ruled that tech companies cannot move data to the U.S. for processing. This may seem technical, but the ruling has large implications for data, privacy, and surveillance in Europe and beyond.
EU Court Ruling Tech
October 06, 2015
Paul Schulze has a fascinating post and infographic up on the Fanpage Karma blog analyzing whether or not Facebook is still a useful tool for businesses, titled, alarmingly, "Attention! Facebook is losing its footing – user posts decreasing." The only thing is, according to the Fanpage Karma blog's analysis, Schulze's alarm might be perfectly justified.
facebook desert infographic
October 05, 2015
As it seems the Internet changes constantly, the business of marketing your business online seems to change often as well. Once upon a time, a Facebook ad campaign was an ideal way to target a narrow audience with repeated impressions. Now, simply getting your business Featured on the big Facebook fan pages in your industry is a far more effective way to market your online business. However, while there’s an existing framework in place for Facebook ads, to get featured on one of the big fan pages in your business, you have to practice the three Ps: Push, Promote and Produce.
October 05, 2015
Facebook recently made a minor revision to their TV ads. Does the change impact and hint at the future of Facebook?
October 03, 2015
How does Facebook's notorious News Feed algorithm actually work? There's a lot of theory and speculation, but not much on hard facts, as Facebook keeps their cards pretty close to their chest. But there are some things we do know, and they can help understand the direction brands should take to maximize reach.
Your Audience Rules – How Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Really Works | Social Media Today
September 30, 2015
Your Facebook profile is about to become a lot more... animated. In an official announcement , Facebook has outlined a raft of changes coming to profile layouts, including temporary profile images, a one-line bio and the ability to use animated GIFs as your profile image.
Facebook’s Rolling Out a Major Update to Profiles – Including Animated Profile Images | Social Media Today
September 29, 2015
Social media hoaxes are the 24-hour colds of the internet. You go to sleep with your Facebook feed healthy and hale, only to wake up and find it absolutely festooned (as the screenshot above demonstrates) with paranoid text posts claiming that Facebook will soon be charging its users to keep their content private.
facebook hoax
October 04, 2015
When you hear the “Big Three” do you still automatically think about Google, Yahoo and Bing? Well, the fact is that the “Big Three” is no longer the “Big Three.” The “Big Four” of the Internet is now Google, Bing, Apple and Facebook. Currently, they are holding strong to their positions of dominance on the World Wide Web; however, other wannabes are still trying to evict them from their positions on the top of the pile. And with new competition making headway daily, will the “Big Four” hold up?
September 25, 2015
As flagged last month, Facebook has now officially announced an update to their 'Notes' blogging option on the site. And while the announcement, in itself, is nothing major, it forms another part of Facebook's wider plan to dominate online publishing.
Facebook Takes Next Step Towards Becoming Publishing Powerhouse - Updates ‘Notes’ | Social Media Today
September 25, 2015
A new study out of the University of Delaware shows that Facebook comments affect opinions about political candidates. When Facebook users see positive comments about a political candidate, they feel positively about them. And negative comments make them feel negatively about them.
September 24, 2015
Facebook is on the move, making some quiet, but noticeable, changes to the layout of Pages, with an updated image structure and more prominent call to action buttons.
Here's a Sneak Peak at Facebook's New Page Layout | Social Media Today
September 23, 2015
Facebook has announced support for 360 degree videos in the News Feed, bringing forward the next era in video creation and marketing.
Facebook Introduces 360 Degree Videos | Social Media Today
September 23, 2015
Facebook's been quietly working on improvements to their much-discussed 'Instant Articles' and live-streaming functionalities and are now looking to push them a bit harder, with a view to generating more interest and take up.
Facebook Looking to Ramp Up Instant Articles and Live Streaming on Platform | Social Media Today
September 18, 2015
Earlier this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the company was working on an option to enable users to quickly and easily respond to posts with an option 'other than like'. This won't necessarily be a 'dislike' button as widely reported, but if not, what will it be?
What Facebook’s ‘Other Than Like’ Option Will (Probably) Look Like, and What it Means for Marketers | Social Media Today