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August 31, 2015
How many tools do you use for managing your Facebook marketing? When it comes to online advertising, the biggest misconception is that you can use a social media platform without tools and still drive an influencer level of traffic and engagement. This is simply not true for ninety-nine percent of...
Facebook Expert Tools
August 28, 2015
So it has come to this: In a post on his personal Facebook profile, Mark Zuckerberg announced that on Monday, August 24th, Facebook had one billion users. Or, as Zuckerberg put it in his post "1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family." (It's slightly less than that, but let's not quibble.) The site has about 1.49 billion users, but Monday was the first time more than a billion had logged in in one 24-hour period.
facebook billion
August 28, 2015
Remember when we could post on Facebook and our fans would actually see it? Those were the days. Let's get nostalgic and take a look at some of the major updates.
August 27, 2015
Facebook has set a new record for users – on Monday, 24 th of August, 2015, The Social Network host ed over 1 billion users in a s ingle day for the first time.
Facebook Reaches 1 Billion Users in a Single Day | Social Media Today
August 26, 2015
Facebook has announced that it's rolling out a new assistance service for Messenger called 'M'. Similar to Apple's 'Siri' and Microsoft's 'Cortana', M will be able to answer user queries - but there's one big difference.
Facebook Introduces M for Messenger – A Challenger for Siri, Cortana | Social Media Today
August 25, 2015
Earlier this year, Facebook launched a new app called ‘ Moments ’ which scans through the images on your camera roll and automatically sorts them into sets based on locations, events, people and groups. The app has now got it's first upgrade - but is it actually just a Facebook experiment to capture more data?
Facebook Upgrades Moments – But is it Actually a Facebook Experiment? | Social Media Today
August 25, 2015
A Facebook-driven movement is organizing a march of 100,000 people on Washington on behalf of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. As of today, the Facebook event has amassed 95,000 RSVPs. The movement demonstrates both the power of social media in modern political campaigns and the unconventional tactics the Sanders team has used to reach high numbers of supporters.
bernie sanders
August 21, 2015
Facebook has decided to get with the rest of the Internet program and allow animated GIFs in ads and Page posts.
Facebook Finally Gives in and Allows GIFs in Posts and Ads | Social Media Today
August 21, 2015
Facebook can give you the tools you need to become successful nearly overnight. However, it can be tough to make full use of Facebook (or to even know where to start) when you don’t have much of a budget for advertising. Here are five things you can do to get the word out about your business, even if your advertising budget is zero.
facebook no money
August 19, 2015
The golden rule of Facebook is that ‘change is constant’. In line with this, The Social Network is reportedly testing changes to the way profiles are displayed on mobile, to something that resembles another social network. Just a little bit.
Facebook Testing New Profile Layout for Mobile Users | Social Media Today
August 19, 2015
Akkencloud has created an infographic which provides a range of tips and insights into the legalities of using Facebook to screen candidates, and how businesses can keep their efforts legally and ethically sound.
Recruiting On Facebook: How To Ethically Screen Candidates [Infographic] | Social Media Today
August 17, 2015
Facebook has confirmed that they’re currently testing a new, upgraded blogging platform for the network - effectively a re-invigoration of Notes. Right now, a small selection of users have access to a range of new functions within Notes, including cover photos for posts, user-tagging functionality, photo re-sizing, links and hashtags .
Facebook Looking to Revamp Notes, Become Long-form Blogging Player | Social Media Today
August 14, 2015
July was a very busy month in the world of Facebook. Here's Locowise's latest roundup on growth, reach, engagement stats and all the other important happenings that you need to know in order to run a Facebook page successfully.
15 Facebook Page Growth, Reach And Engagement Facts for July | Social Media Today
August 13, 2015
The social landscape changes fast. As technology and habits evolve, social media users gravitate toward different social networks. This infographic from eMarketer shows which social networks “will continue to gain momentum, while others necessarily lose ground,” according to AdWeek.
August 13, 2015
OmniArt / Shutterstock.com According to Rob Price of Business Insider and Allison Pohle of Boston.com , Harvard student Aran Khanna had secured a highly prized summer internship with Facebook a few months ago when he released an app he'd created called Marauder's Map . This app would go viral, lead...
August 12, 2015
Facebook isn’t only the most popular social media channel in the world; it’s also a tool recruiters can use to get to know candidates. And while over 18 million users have found a job thanks to the site, many companies are learning more about candidates through their Facebook posts than either candidates or recruiters want.
August 12, 2015
​With Social Media changing so fast, it’s easy to see how updates can be missed. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our top 6 lesser known Facebook features that could help drive your business goals on Facebook.
6 Lesser Known Facebook Features You Should Be Using | Social Media Today
August 11, 2015
With the holiday season approaching, Facebook is updating it's Dynamic Product Ad offering, which it introduced earlier this year. The new additions include cross-selling functionality, conversion optimization and improved in app options. Here’s how the new features will work.
Facebook Improves Ad Options Help Retailers Heading Into the Holiday Shopping Season | Social Media Today
August 11, 2015
Does Facebook make us depressed? Does it makes us cheat on our spouses? Does it keep us from thinking deeply? Or does it allow us to become our best selves? Several psychological studies have explored these questions.
August 11, 2015
In the first article in my series on building raving fans, I wrote about the difference between influencers and advocates. I looked at the basics of Facebook groups and gave you a set of questions to consider before putting an advocate group together. In this post, I’ll show you how one of my author clients developed an active Facebook group and now uses it as a base camp for advance reader reviews and social media amplifiers.
August 10, 2015
Want your followers to see your posts first? Facebook can make that possible now. Want to send money via Facebook free of charge? Also doable. Want to put a Facebook Beacon in your shop so people using their mobile phones nearby can receive messages from you? Facebook will send one to you for free.
August 08, 2015
As part of their regular ‘People Insights’ research pieces, Facebook has released new data on how users in South East Asia are utilising The Social Network and the role it plays in their day-to-day lives. Commissioning market research giant TNS to conduct the analysis, the report looks at media consumption habits across the region.
Facebook Releases New Data on South East Asian Market [Report] | Social Media Today
August 07, 2015
Time sought to distinguish Luckey as a nerd who is “not like other Silicon Valley nerds.” But the cover of the magazine, which shows Luckey standing in the pose of a stunned praying mantis wearing one of his virtual reality devices photoshopped onto a bright beach, has inspired parodies that suggest that virtual reality is the worst thing it could be: uncool .
virtual reality palmer luckey
August 06, 2015
Facebook recently posted a healthy Q2 2015 earnings report – mobile monthly active users were 1.13 billion and 75% of total ad revenue of $4.04 billion was contributed via mobile. This growth is also due to the seriousness that Facebook has shown towards making the News Feed intelligent over time. This year itself Facebook has been quite rampant with occasional tweaks to the News Feed, while keeping both users and brands happy.
August 06, 2015
​ From hugely successful Snapchat to the global Google+ and beyond, there is an ever-expanding pool of social media platforms in which brands can dip their marketing toes, making the ultimate choice of where to invest that much harder. With this vast selection, it is easy to see how some of the original cast members are getting lost in the noise. Facebook is one of them, kicking off nearly 12 years ago. But despite its senior bus pass, Facebook is still a more than viable option for businesses to reach audiences and generate a strong, social online presence.
August 05, 2015
In an effort to improve the functionality and user-friendliness of business pages, Facebook has today unveiled four new features for Pages that will help streamline the communications process and give users more ways to speak directly with brands.
New Facebook Page Features Seek to Help Personalize the Customer Experience | Social Media Today
August 05, 2015
Given Facebook’s push to become the leader in online video, it was probably only a matter of time till they introduced their own live-streaming functionality. In an official blog post , Facebook has introduced a new live video element for Facebook Mentions , the celebrity-only app that enables public figures to interact with their fans on The Social Network.
Watch Out Meerkat and Periscope – Facebook Introduces Live-Streaming | Social Media Today
August 05, 2015
How would you feel about a bank or money lending company assessing your worthiness for a loan based on your social media presence? It feels a little unnerving doesn’t it? But, theoretically, it may be an accurate indicator of your borrowing potential – and it’s likely already happening, whether you like it or not.
New Patent Means Your Facebook Friends Could Make or Break Your Loan Approval | Social Media Today
August 03, 2015
Hank Green, YouTube star and member of the Vlog Brothers among other things, has accused Facebook of, essentially, lying about its recent success at becoming a center for online video and competing with YouTube in terms of total video views. The post on Medium, titled, "Theft, Lies, and Facebook Video" lays out the argument that, when it comes to online video, Facebook is cheating.
facebook hank green
August 03, 2015
You might recognize that particular “itch” to check in if you haven’t been on Facebook in a day or two, but did you know that using the world’s dominant social network actually elicits a physical response in many users? Researchers have documented reactions like pupil dilation, an indication of happiness, in people as they’re browsing their Facebook.