August 12, 2016
Facebook have released their “ Hot Topics ” report for July, highlighting the most mentioned topics, and which demographic groups were discussing them, across both Facebook and Instagram .
The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook in July [Infographic] | Social Media Today
August 11, 2016
Facebook's announced another News Feed update, this time focused on ensuring users see more "informative" content.
Facebook Updates News Feed to Highlight “Informative” Content | Social Media Today
August 11, 2016
A recent report suggested that Facebook's narrow ad targeting may not be an effective option - but is that true?
Does Facebook's Advanced Ad Targeting Limit Campaign Effectiveness? | Social Media Today
August 10, 2016
Facebook has announced a range of new video metrics to help publishers better understand what's working (and what's not) in their video content.
Facebook Adds New Video Metrics to Help Enhance Publisher Performance | Social Media Today
August 09, 2016
Facebook has introduced new measures to eliminate ad blockers from it's platform, while improving their Ad Preferences options for users.
Facebook Disarms Ad-Blockers, Work to Improve Ad Relevance with New Options | Social Media Today
August 05, 2016
Facebook is giving users in Canada and Brazil access to new MSQRD selfie lenses to celebrate the Olympics.
Facebook Testing MSQRD Selfie Lenses within Facebook for Olympics | Social Media Today
August 05, 2016
Take a look at your Facebook dashboard right now. Chances are, you’re a member of at least a few different groups. Regardless of what these groups revolve around – be it local yard sales or niche-related business news – you get regular content delivered direct to your News Feed, right? But while...
August 05, 2016
Facebook's Page Insights tool offers a range of great, valuable data points - here's an overview of what's on offer.
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August 04, 2016
Facebook has confirmed that their new desktop Page layout is now in the process of being rolled out to all users.
Facebook Confirms New Desktop Page Layout Coming to All Users | Social Media Today
August 04, 2016
Facebook has announced another News Feed algorithm update, this time focused on reducing the reach of clickbait.
Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Reduce the Reach of Clickbait | Social Media Today
August 04, 2016
This new infographic from Carver TC looks at some of the key usage stats and data for both Google and Facebook, side-by-side.
Google vs. Facebook: Facts & Stats Every Marketer Should Know
August 02, 2016
Setting up your Facebook store is the easy part, getting social traffic to purchase your products is the tricky part.
How to Sell Your Products on Facebook | Social Media Today
July 29, 2016
As Facebook develops more resources like Facebook Live, it further blurs the line between our social worlds, and provides more opportunities for savvy nonprofits to engage their audiences.
July 28, 2016
With Facebook looking to promote more personal sharing on the network, birthdays appear to be their next element of focus.
Facebook Adds New Birthday Video Tool to Prompt More Personal Sharing | Social Media Today
July 27, 2016
Facebook has released it's Q2 2016 numbers - and once again, they're impressive.
Facebook Q2 Earnings: 1.71b Monthly Active Users, Exceeds Expectations on Revenue | Social Media Today
July 27, 2016
Likes are the fuel that runs the Facebook machine, but just how important are they in the modern Facebook eco-system?
Do Page Likes Still Matter on Facebook? | Social Media Today
July 27, 2016
Which were the best performing brands on Facebook last week? Shareablee has the data.
The Top Brands on Facebook Last Week | Social Media Today
July 25, 2016
Looking for a way to utilize Facebook's newly instituted support for 360 degree photos? Contributor Colin Marchon offers some tips.
July 21, 2016
In an effort to keep users away from Snapchat, Facebook is trialing another Snapchat-esque feature, this time enabling users to send private updates in a separate section of the app.
Facebook Testing New, Snapchat-Like “Quick Updates” Feature, Adding to Many Other Attempts | Social Media Today
July 20, 2016
Facebook has announced a set of new features for live, including full-screen mode, longer session time and the ability to hide reactions and comments.
Facebook Announces New Options for Live – Both for Viewers and Broadcasters | Social Media Today
July 15, 2016
Facebook's released its latest "Topics to Watch" report, which shows that discussions about biology, photomontage and shrimp are gaining momentum on The Social Network.
Facebook Topics to Watch - DIY and Biology Amongst Trending Interests [Infographic] | Social Media Today
July 15, 2016
There’s a couple of interesting updates in the works at Facebook which have the potential to provide a whole new way to communicate your messages on the platform and gain more attention.
Facebook Testing Out New Update Presentation Features to Expand Opportunities | Social Media Today
July 15, 2016
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg envisions that Facebook will soon be totally dominated by video content. And the data shows he's right - but what does that mean for your marketing efforts?
Facebook Will Be Mostly Video in 5 Years: Here Are 4 Stats to Prove It | Social Media Today
July 14, 2016
Facebook has released it's latest "Hot Topics" report, looking at which subjects generated the most discussion across Facebook and Instagram in June.
The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook and Instagram in June [Infographic] | Social Media Today
July 14, 2016
Facebook has released a new report which looks at the different ways in which people use Facebook and Instagram, providing some great context for marketers as to what content is generating the best response.
Facebook Releases New Data on What Users Are Looking for on Facebook and Instagram | Social Media Today
July 13, 2016
Facebook’s testing a few new desktop Page layout options, putting more focus on the cover images and call to action buttons.
Facebook’s Testing a New, Ad-Free Desktop Page Layout | Social Media Today
July 12, 2016
Facebook has commissioned research into how people across the world are engaging with mobile games, coming to some eye-opening findings which they've built into a new infographic.
Facebook Conducts Research into the Opportunities of Mobile Gaming [Infographic] | Social Media Today
July 09, 2016
Facebook has announced that MSQRD video masks are now available for use in Facebook Live broadcasts.
Facebook Announces MSQRD Masks Now Available for Facebook Live Broadcasts | Social Media Today
July 08, 2016
While Facebook Live enables anyone to easily create and share live video content, the quality may not be up to the standard you want to represent your brand. Luckily, Facebook makes it easy to connect higher quality video and audio equipment.
How to Live-Stream like a Pro on Facebook Live | Social Media Today
July 06, 2016
New research has shown that video content on Facebook - particularly live video content - is generating significantly more reach than other post types.
New Research Shows Video Content Outperforming All Other Types on Facebook | Social Media Today