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March 22, 2015
Facebook active users are much more likely to be clicking ‘like’ button than Google plus or Twitter active users are to be hitting +1 or ‘favoriting’. Active Facebookers are also more likely to be interacting with their friends, revels new study from Global Web Index.
social media activities
March 21, 2015
Internet marketing and social media are intertwined because the technology is overlapping. It is amazing when you think about it: we can connect on an individual basis to people scattered all over the world. The message we want to communicate can be individualized down to the greeting on an email and we are accustomed to this fact.
social responsiveness
March 20, 2015
​Think Facebook is just in the business of sharing pictures, updating statuses and working on digital advertising? Think again. The social media giant is a lot more tech focused than it might appear. It’s been working on a number of interesting projects, from image recognition software and virtual reality to just recently announcing its plans to tackle computer networking and enter the ethernet switch market.
March 19, 2015
It’s no accident that Coca Cola, McDonalds, and Red Bull have invested heavily in their Facebook pages. Currently, the Coke page has over 94 million fans; McDonalds has over 57 million; and Red Bull tallies over 46 million fans. A look at their pages shows constant updates, interesting content, and a variety of CTAs.
social media habits
March 19, 2015
Facebook just announced a major change to its Messenger service that will allow friends to send money to one another as easily as they would a message or photo. This new feature, which Facebook says will be free, will be be rolling out for Messenger users in the U.S. over the next few weeks on iOS, Android and desktop.
March 18, 2015
You've probably heard a ton of conflicting advice about the best time to post on Facebook. Here are 3 simple tips for finding the best times for YOUR fans and YOUR business.
March 17, 2015
We all know that video is the future of online marketing, even Mark Zuckerberg says so! The greatest battle to social media marketing leadership is coming and Facebook is betting all on video content, hitting hard on YouTube. Are you ready for the video marketing war?
Facebook vs YouTube
March 16, 2015
Facebook just recently acquired shopping search engine, showing their intent to become a big part of two of the Internet’s biggest money-makers: search and e-commerce . On Friday they announced the deal for an undisclosed amount. Step by step Facebook is working to get it's users to search and then shop within their platform. So what does this mean for business owners?
March 16, 2015
The folks at BuzzStream and Fractl conducted a survey with more than 900 respondents to better understand why people un-follow brands on social networks. And the infographic below, titled 'The Unfollow Algorithm,' illustrates what they found.
followers and keeping them
March 13, 2015
Facebook already removes pages that are deleted from the Page Like numbers. This new move will remove two groups of accounts from Page Like counts. The account types in question, memorialized accounts and deactivated accounts aren’t technically deleted, but they will no longer be included a business page likes.
March 12, 2015
Facebook has access to a ton of user data and a new partnership is putting more of it to use for a select group of marketers. The new Topic Data offering gives marketers insight into trending events, brands, subjects and activities, based on aggregated and anonymized Facebook data. Facebook turned...
March 12, 2015
Facebook announced the rollout of a new tool for marketers. Topic Data will let advertisers see what their customers are saying about “events, brands, subjects, and activities” so that they can “make better decisions about how they market on Facebook and other channels.”
March 12, 2015
Facebook graph search isn’t just one of the most under-leveraged tools on Facebook, but also in the entire social media world as a whole. When used right, it can give you unparalleled insight into your audience as well as your competitors’ audiences…if you ask the right questions.
March 08, 2015
Market researchers have the tendency of complicating things but with Facebook, simple is the new smart. The colors and texts behind your dynamic ad campaigns are insignificant in the long run and one must be inclined towards targeting the audience base and throwing lead magnets for them to catch.
March 07, 2015
On March 5th, Facebook released a blog post titled “Making Page Likes More Meaningful,” in which they outline how and why they will be removing certain inactive accounts next week from pages’ like counts, a move that will likely result in page owners seeing a drop in likes.
March 06, 2015
Who wouldn’t want to make another attempt to woo users that engaged with their brand, but didn’t quite convert in the way they wanted them to? While retargeting isn’t new, many marketers don’t realize that this is available for video ads. If you are creating a series, retarget users who watched previous videos. Alternatively for single video campaigns, try retargeting users that only watched part of the video to entice them to complete the view
March 06, 2015
Facebook has become a powerful platform for business owners and marketers who want to spread the word about their products and services. Facebook has a wide variety of ad formats, targeting options and the ads are generally pretty effective. To help marketers better manage their Facebook ads on the...
March 03, 2015
Here are two key takeaways in Pew’s Social Media Update 2014, which was released a few weeks ago.
March 03, 2015
Facebook has just released a new set of services, in collaboration with Forefront , in order to try to tackle suicidal behaviors through the social network.
February 28, 2015
What started off as a normal Thursday quickly spiraled into one of the oddest days on social media that I've ever seen. Two separate events rocked Twitter and suddenly took off to become featured stories on national news channels and top business publications. What happened? Why does it matter? How can we, as marketers, take advantage?
February 27, 2015
Videos are hot, hot, hot on Facebook! Here are five things to look out for.
February 25, 2015
In March, Facebook finishes a year-long process to migrate all existing Facebook apps to their v2 framework. This allows for consumers to have much more control about the data they share with companies when they use social login.
February 25, 2015
Once primarily associated with display, programmatic advertising can now be described as simply the automation of media buying and optimization that’s centered on audiences. When we think about it in this context, the meaning behind it has evolved, and extends more broadly across digital advertising. Search, as the first pure form of a programmatic channel, offered automation, transparency, and the ability to leverage data such as geography, time of day, or device type in order to make more intelligent decisions and to improve relevancy.
February 24, 2015
If you’re looking for new ways to capitalize on the consumer shift to SoLoMo and draw in nearby mobile users to your place of business, Facebook has you covered. In late January, Facebook announced a feature called Place Tips to help users receive contextually relevant information about nearby businesses directly in their News Feed.
February 23, 2015
These creative and ‘out of the box’ tips will help to promote your next event on social media. If successful, they will not only draw a larger audience but they will impact your search rankings and leverage traffic to your website.
February 23, 2015
A new feature added by Facebook is an effort to create a living will for you on your social media profile. This will make the process of accessing your account easier for your loved ones after you have passed away.
Facebook after death
February 21, 2015
Facebook is on a roll. Recently released Q4 2014 earnings show full-year revenues of $12.47 billion, a 58% year-over-year increase. Most of this growth is driven by ad revenues, which reached an all-time high of $3.59 billion for Q4 alone, and specifically mobile ad revenues, which represented 69% of total Q4 ad revenues. This is a far cry from the spring of 2012, when the world’s biggest social network openly acknowledged it had a mobile ad monetization problem.
February 17, 2015
This week, Facebook integrated a ‘relevance score’ into their system for advertisers. This attempt to bring in an element that should help to reduce poor quality ads is to be commended, and is a promising step for serious advertisers.
February 13, 2015
Starting this week, Facebook advertisers will see a new Relevance Score metric, the equivalent of Google's AdWords Quality Score , in their ad reporting dashboard. This new score is an important ad quality signal that will affect both your ad delivery and the cost you pay for your campaigns
February 13, 2015
Sometimes I may drop a hashtag in a conversation or even while personally texting or writing to someone. Sometimes there’s no other way to describe or sum up something!