June 23, 2016
At VidCon, Facebook has announced a set of new tools for Facebook Live, including MSQRD masks, a Live waiting room and drop-ins for guests.
Facebook Announced New Additions for Live, Including MSQRD Masks | Social Media Today
June 22, 2016
A protest action being staged in the US House of Representatives is being broadcast to the world via live-stream, underlining the huge potential in such applications.
House of Representatives Protest Underlines the Potential of Live-Streaming | Social Media Today
June 22, 2016
What motivates people to share content on Facebook? A new infographic by Fractl aims to provide some new insight into the motivations behind shares on The Social Network.
New Study Looks at What Motivates Facebook Users to Share Content [Infographic] | Social Media Today
June 22, 2016
Facebook Live is producing some great results for brands. If you're considering going live, here are some quick tips to help.
5 Best Practices for Using Facebook Live | Social Media Today
June 21, 2016
Facebook held its annual stockholder meeting yesterday, providing an overview of the current state of the social media giant and addressing questions about future projects
Facebook Annual Stockholder Meeting – Future Projects, Trending Topics and Growth Planning | Social Media Today
June 21, 2016
Are you aware of all the information you're sharing via Facebook, and who you're sharing it with? This guide will take you through the process of assessing and refining your Facebook data trails.
June 19, 2016
Should you use hashtags on your Facebook posts? There's a lot of conflicting advice - here's a full rundown on the evolution of hashtags on The Social Network and the proven ways to use (or not use) them.
Should You Use Hashtags on Facebook? Here’s What the Research Says | Social Media Today
June 18, 2016
Twitter has added new Periscope buttons within their mobile app, making it easier for users to go live.
Twitter Adds New Periscope Button, Periscope Embeds Coming Soon | Social Media Today
June 17, 2016
Facebook have released their latest monthly look at the topics generating the most discussion across both Facebook itself and Instagram .
The Most Discussed Topics on Facebook and Instagram in May [Infographic] | Social Media Today
June 15, 2016
Facebook has introduced a set of new tools to help advertisers better connect their Facebook ad efforts with consumers' offline actions.
Facebook Provides New Tools to Link Your Online Efforts to Offline Sales | Social Media Today
June 14, 2016
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg today held his first ever Live Q and A session. covering a range of topics from platform additions, virtual reality and the future - including the exchange of pure thought, as opposed to physical content.
Mark Zuckerberg Discusses the Future of Facebook in First Live Q and A Session | Social Media Today
June 12, 2016
Some of Facebook's most successful video creators follow the "4-S" approach when creating video content. What is the "4-S" approach and how can you use it? Contributor Justin Kerby explains
The 4-S Rule of Video Marketing | Social Media Today
June 09, 2016
Facebook has added a new way for marketers to create and target Custom Audiences - through video viewing behavior.
Facebook Adds Video Viewing to Custom Audiences Targeting | Social Media Today
June 08, 2016
Facebook ad campaigns - optimized for mobile, tailored to your budget, totally targetable - are essential. Here's how to get yours right.
June 08, 2016
Looking to maximize your paid Facebook campaigns? here are six tips to consider in your process.
6 Tips for Making a Good Sponsored Facebook Post Even Better | Social Media Today
June 07, 2016
Over time, Facebook’s had no shortage of challengers - but none seems to have freaked Zuck and Co out quite as much as Snapchat .
Facebook Testing New Features to Combat the Rising Threat of Snapchat | Social Media Today
June 07, 2016
According to a recent study of over 3,000 Facebook Pages, conducted by SocialFlow , publishers on Facebook have seen a pretty dramatic drop in organic reach over the last couple of months.
June 06, 2016
Facebook's announced a new partnership with gaming company Blizzard to attract more gamers and gaming content to the platform - a move which could reap big benefits.
Facebook Looking to Boost Reach with Millennials Through New Gaming Partnership | Social Media Today
June 05, 2016
Have you ever wondered why you’re being targeted with certain ads on Facebook? There's a way you can find out, with Facebook's 'Ad Preferences' panel listing all the things the algorithm thinks you like.
Wanna’ Know What Facebook Thinks Your Interests Are? Here’s How to Find Out | Social Media Today
June 03, 2016
This infographic looks at some of Facebook's more recent stats and innovations which will see an increase in focus in the months ahead.
June 01, 2016
Facebook has developed a new system that will scan the text of your posts and messages to better match you with relevant tools and content.
Facebook’s “DeepText” AI Will Analyze Post Content to Connect Users to More Functions | Social Media Today
June 01, 2016
Tasty, the NBA, Red Bull and DISH all saw big engagement on Facebook last week. Here's the latest data from Shareablee.
Red Bull, NBA and BuzzFeed’s Tasty Top Facebook Ranking | Social Media Today
May 27, 2016
Facebook dark posts enable you to create multiple versions of your Facebook ads and target them to specific audiences without those posts appearing on your actual Page.
How to Create and Use Facebook Dark Posts | Social Media Today
May 27, 2016
A new report from Pew Research has shown that Facebook is becoming an increasingly important and influential news source for many users.
New Study Underlines Facebook’s Importance of Facebook as a News Source | Social Media Today
May 27, 2016
Facebook's Topic Streams are being rolled out more widely, offering users a new range of topic-specific news feeds.
Facebook’s Introducing Topic-Specific News Feeds to Deliver More Content | Social Media Today
May 25, 2016
Are you looking for ways to maximize your video engagement on Facebook? Here are ten tips.
May 24, 2016
Looking to maximize your Facebook posts to get the best reach and response? Here's what various research reports tell us about what works best on the platform.
5 Key Lessons to Help Boost the Performance of Your Facebook Posts | Social Media Today
May 23, 2016
Facebook has announced a new Live feature that'll enable users to skip to the good bits.
Facebook Announces New Response Graph for Live Content | Social Media Today
May 19, 2016
As part of Facebook's recent update to their live-streaming offering, they introduced a map feature to help locate live content. Now they've upgraded the map and extended access to desktop users.
Facebook Updates Live Streaming Map, Extends Access to Desktop | Social Media Today
May 18, 2016
Facebook has released a new infographic which looks at how usage trends on the platform change over Summer - worth consideration for those looking to maximize their seasonal outreach efforts.
Facebook Releases Data on Usage and Trends Over Summer [Infographic] | Social Media Today