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October 06, 2015
Paul Schulze has a fascinating post and infographic up on the Fanpage Karma blog analyzing whether or not Facebook is still a useful tool for businesses, titled, alarmingly, "Attention! Facebook is losing its footing – user posts decreasing." The only thing is, according to the Fanpage Karma blog's analysis, Schulze's alarm might be perfectly justified.
facebook desert infographic
October 05, 2015
As it seems the Internet changes constantly, the business of marketing your business online seems to change often as well. Once upon a time, a Facebook ad campaign was an ideal way to target a narrow audience with repeated impressions. Now, simply getting your business Featured on the big Facebook fan pages in your industry is a far more effective way to market your online business. However, while there’s an existing framework in place for Facebook ads, to get featured on one of the big fan pages in your business, you have to practice the three Ps: Push, Promote and Produce.
October 05, 2015
Facebook recently made a minor revision to their TV ads. Does the change impact and hint at the future of Facebook?
October 03, 2015
How does Facebook's notorious News Feed algorithm actually work? There's a lot of theory and speculation, but not much on hard facts, as Facebook keeps their cards pretty close to their chest. But there are some things we do know, and they can help understand the direction brands should take to maximize reach.
Your Audience Rules – How Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Really Works | Social Media Today
September 30, 2015
Your Facebook profile is about to become a lot more... animated. In an official announcement , Facebook has outlined a raft of changes coming to profile layouts, including temporary profile images, a one-line bio and the ability to use animated GIFs as your profile image.
Facebook’s Rolling Out a Major Update to Profiles – Including Animated Profile Images | Social Media Today
September 29, 2015
Social media hoaxes are the 24-hour colds of the internet. You go to sleep with your Facebook feed healthy and hale, only to wake up and find it absolutely festooned (as the screenshot above demonstrates) with paranoid text posts claiming that Facebook will soon be charging its users to keep their content private.
facebook hoax
October 04, 2015
When you hear the “Big Three” do you still automatically think about Google, Yahoo and Bing? Well, the fact is that the “Big Three” is no longer the “Big Three.” The “Big Four” of the Internet is now Google, Bing, Apple and Facebook. Currently, they are holding strong to their positions of dominance on the World Wide Web; however, other wannabes are still trying to evict them from their positions on the top of the pile. And with new competition making headway daily, will the “Big Four” hold up?
September 25, 2015
As flagged last month, Facebook has now officially announced an update to their 'Notes' blogging option on the site. And while the announcement, in itself, is nothing major, it forms another part of Facebook's wider plan to dominate online publishing.
Facebook Takes Next Step Towards Becoming Publishing Powerhouse - Updates ‘Notes’ | Social Media Today
September 25, 2015
A new study out of the University of Delaware shows that Facebook comments affect opinions about political candidates. When Facebook users see positive comments about a political candidate, they feel positively about them. And negative comments make them feel negatively about them.
September 24, 2015
Facebook is on the move, making some quiet, but noticeable, changes to the layout of Pages, with an updated image structure and more prominent call to action buttons.
Here's a Sneak Peak at Facebook's New Page Layout | Social Media Today
September 23, 2015
Facebook has announced support for 360 degree videos in the News Feed, bringing forward the next era in video creation and marketing.
Facebook Introduces 360 Degree Videos | Social Media Today
September 23, 2015
Facebook's been quietly working on improvements to their much-discussed 'Instant Articles' and live-streaming functionalities and are now looking to push them a bit harder, with a view to generating more interest and take up.
Facebook Looking to Ramp Up Instant Articles and Live Streaming on Platform | Social Media Today
September 18, 2015
Earlier this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the company was working on an option to enable users to quickly and easily respond to posts with an option 'other than like'. This won't necessarily be a 'dislike' button as widely reported, but if not, what will it be?
What Facebook’s ‘Other Than Like’ Option Will (Probably) Look Like, and What it Means for Marketers | Social Media Today
September 18, 2015
If you are a recruiter, or if your company is recruiting, should you look for potential employees on Facebook? You might want to just because of Facebook’s enormous membership base. It has certainly got LinkedIn beat when it comes to number of users. Indeed, 85% of Internet users have Facebook accounts.
September 17, 2015
Facebook has released a new content insights tool called 'Signal', which will provide journalists with easy access to information on the most popular, trending content across the Facebook network.
Facebook Launches ‘Signal’, a Content Insights Tool for Facebook and Instagram | Social Media Today
September 17, 2015
Nilay Patel has an incredibly interesting article up on the Verge titled, "Welcome to hell: Apple vs Google vs Facebook and the slow death of the web." While this title may be a tad overdramatic, the implications of Patel's argument are huge for the web, and dire for any kind of small publisher or online content creator without enough leverage to play with the big boys.
Google ads
September 16, 2015
In the second half of last year, Facebook announced it was working on a new project called ‘ Facebook at Work ’.Now, Facebook is close to releasing it's work platform, with new images showing how the system works.
Facebook at Work is Coming – New Images Show How it Will Work | Social Media Today
September 17, 2015
Small business owners often times voice mixed feelings about recent Facebook changes. Facebook Pixels, targeting abilities, Facebook ad formats and ever-changing Business Page looks are just a few of the latest alterations. Let’s not even get started with the whole Facebook organic reach that dropped dramatically and now averages three to five percent of the total pages’ following.
September 16, 2015
Social media is a double-edged sword. For all the improvements it brings to the efficiency and ubiquity of connection and communication, it does not guarantee any quality of content. As with any tool, it can be used to help or to harm. Such is what Germany is dealing with right now, as the country becomes one of the focal points of the current refugee crisis in Europe, and experiences a concomitant rise in illegal hate speech.
hate speech nein
September 15, 2015
Users have been calling for it for years, and now it's on the way. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that The Social Network is working on a 'dislike' button to help users express more emotional responses on the platform.
Mark Zuckerberg Confirms That a Dislike Button is Coming to Facebook | Social Media Today
September 14, 2015
Your Facebook page has the power to make or break your business. With the amount of time and content people take in while staring at their feeds, taking advantage of people’s tastes and attention span is your top priority. As hard as you are trying to do that, you might not even know that you are making common Facebook mistakes that’ll lead to a Facebook page that doesn’t help you sell or engage.
9 Facebook Mistakes You Can’t Keep Making (and How To Fix Them)
September 12, 2015
T he majority of people on Facebook post whenever the mood strikes them - and for the majority of people on Facebook that works. But, did you know that you can increase the effectiveness of your posts by timing them correctly?
When’s the Best Time of Day to Publish a Facebook Post? | Social Media Today
September 11, 2015
Facebook has published a post detailing the impacts of iOS 9 on their Software Developer Kit (SDK), which will affect various apps.
Apps Which Use Facebook’s SDK Will be Impacted by Upgrade to iOS9 | Social Media Today
September 10, 2015
Facebook have today announced that they’re going to give access to Mentions and Live to a wider range of users. Access will be granted to ‘public figures’, which basically means anyone with a verified profile, in a move designed to encourage journalists to post more exclusive content to The Social Network.
Facebook Expands Access to Mentions and Live-Streaming | Social Media Today
September 09, 2015
tulpahn / Shutterstock.com Until this morning, brands that wanted to put video ads on Instagram were limited to 15-second clips, the same length of video that users were able to post with their original content. Now, in order to appeal more to big brands and (hopefully) bring in more ad dollars,...
instagram ad features
September 05, 2015
Back in January, Facebook introduced a new tool to help marketers better understand how, exactly, their Facebook marketing efforts were contributing to their bottom line, called 'Conversion Lift'. The Social Network has announced an update to Conversion Lift that provides advertisers with comparison data which shows how each of their campaigns and ad approaches impact on their end goal.
Facebook Improves Conversion Lift Metrics to Enable Campaign-Level Comparison
September 03, 2015
Facebook has started testing a new type of mobile ad format called 'immersive experience' ads. Appearing like normal News Feed ads, when clicked, the ads open up to provide a branded app-like experience.
Facebook Testing New, Immersive Mobile Ad Format | Social Media Today
September 01, 2015
Candidate buzz on social media and in search engines has emerged as an interesting metric for gaging how well the campaigns are doing. Back in 2008, for example, while the last opinion poll in the field predicted that Barack Obama would win the New Hampshire primary, Yahoo Buzz correctly predicted Hillary Clinton would win. Since then, more attention has rightfully focused on the levels of online buzz about candidates as a measure of how well their campaigns are doing.
September 03, 2015
The team at Post Planner created this great infographic that highlights some secret Facebook features that you can leverage to avoid being overwhelmed. Pam Dyer expands on their suggestions to help you master some hidden Facebook features that will help you gain new followers, create engagement, and increasing your profits.
Facebook secrets
August 31, 2015
How many tools do you use for managing your Facebook marketing? When it comes to online advertising, the biggest misconception is that you can use a social media platform without tools and still drive an influencer level of traffic and engagement. This is simply not true for ninety-nine percent of...
Facebook Expert Tools