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8 Snapchat Content Ideas That Your Customers and Fans Will Love

Given the amount of people using Snapchat every day - particularly Millennials - brands from all industries are considering how they can utilize the platform to capitalize on that reach. 

Would you like to incorporate Snapchat into your marketing plan but are unsure on exactly how to do it?

Here are eight great ways you can use Snapchat to breathe new life into your account.

1. Conduct interviews via Snaps

Take the time to get the lighting and sound right. Make sure you have your “Snaps” set for 10 seconds. You’ll probably need the interviewee to sit close to you or even speak directly into the microphone of the device you’re using.

In the opening Snap, introduce the person you’re interviewing. Each question should be a Snap of its own - put the question on the screen in text format. Whenever the interviewee is answering a question, they should be the one onscreen. You can add stickers and other things to your Snaps that reflect the question or answer and show off your personality, or that of the interviewee.

At the end of the interview, do a quick Snap of your own to thank the interviewee and share their Snapcode. You can use the interview as a promotional link to a longer interview on your blog, website or YouTube by snapping a call-to-action like “Come visit us on our blog or YouTube channel for more information.” Don’t forget to share the link.

2. Allow a “Takeover”

This is where you let a Snapchat influencer take over your account for a specified period of time. This can help you to reach a wider audience on the app.

Each “takeover” should serve a purpose, like launching a new product, making the audience aware of a particular event, or showcasing a collaboration. You can have a takeover last for whatever period you like - the length of the event, or even just one day (or a few days) leading up to the event. You can even make this something you do on a regular basis on your Snapchat.

To make sure this works (and doesn’t cost you followers instead of gaining them), be careful to choose the right host for your takeover. They need to have a large social media following (ideally on Snapchat itself), have some sort of connection or interest in your industry and be an influencer in the area where you want to gain more exposure.

Before the takeover is set to begin, the host needs to get the word out to their followers to have them follow your Snapchat account. You also need to request that they don’t do any posting on their Snapchat during the takeover event. This way, their followers will be more likely to add you.

3. Offer an Exclusive Sneak Peek

These days, personalization is one of the hottest things going in social media, and it doesn’t get much more personal than Snapchat. You can preview behind-the-scenes content, upcoming events, or milestones to create buzz. This content needs to be exclusive to your Snapchat, not shared on any of your other social media pages.

Of course, when you’re sharing these behind-the-scenes features, you need to put them in context. Always introduce your sneak peak with a quick video. You can add value by creating a story sequence using multiple snaps. You can speak with others on the team behind the event - or even some key influencers in the industry to get their thoughts.

The point is to take your followers on a journey - so walking and talking is a great way to do this.

4. Showcase a "Big Reveal"

You’ve probably heard of the term “unboxing,” typical of influencers asked to try out new products. When it comes to Snapchat, you can unbox a gift, show off a new book cover, reveal a new product line, do a quick preview of a blog post, or even a quick preview of a new track from your newest album. This reveal will give your followers exclusive content from your business.

5. Offer Tips

One of the best ways to showcase your knowledge of the industry is to offer free tips to your followers. This is perfect for Snapchat - your followers will “tap for tips.”

First of all, you need to let your followers know you’re going to be offering some free exclusive tips, then, let them know how many you’re giving and tell them to tap for a tip. From there, you can direct them to your blog or your website for more information regarding that particular topic.

This can be something you do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep your followers coming back for more. Make sure to decorate your Snaps with the stickers too.

6. Use a Custom Geofilter for an Event

If you’re planning to host an event, you may want to consider creating a Geofilter your attendees can use. Don’t forget the area of your Geofilter must be between 20,000 to 5,000,000 feet. In addition, your Geofilter will not be able to be active for more than one month.

7. Do a Question & Answer Session

This feature enables your followers to speak with you directly. It’s a good idea to do this regularly - choose a set day and time so your followers know when to watch for it.

You’ll need to make some changes to your Snapchat settings regarding who can contact you for a set period of time so your followers can send you questions. Change it back when the Q & A session is over so you can avoid being overloaded.

Take some time before you Snap it to review the questions and prepare your answers. In addition, be sure to acknowledge the asker.

8. Don’t be Afraid to Cross Platforms

One of the most popular social marketing tactics has always been a cross-platform promotion. However, moving your Snapchat followers to other social media networks, and vice-versa, requires some thought.

If you plan to cross-promote your products and services from Snapchat to other platforms, make your calls-to-action clear. Share text, photos, and even video Snaps of what exactly people need to be doing. Give them reasons to take that action.

You can also cast a wider net by re-purposing your stories from Snapchat by sharing them on other social media channels.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat is rising in popularity with 10 billion videos viewed each day, 9 thousand photos shared every second, and more than 200 million active users each month. In addition, it has the second-highest rate of engagement - only behind Facebook. Still, it can be challenging to find something interesting to say on Snapchat - hopefully these tips will help you find some inspiration.

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