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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Mobile SEO [Infographic]

Because the use of cell phones has skyrocketed and continues to outpace other technology, you have to ensure your search engine optimization techniques account for smart phone usage. In other words, if you’re not mobile-friendly, you are missing a large part of the population that could be using your services or buying your products. If you’re new to mobile SEO, you will want to avoid these mistakes.

1.Blocked Javascript, CSS Files. No one likes to be searching for something when all of a sudden a message pops up that the site is blocked due to faulty coding. For the best rendering and indexing, always allow the search engine spiders to access Javascript, CSS files and images. When the files are blocked, it harms how well the algorithms can index content.

2.Unplayable Content. While some content can play well on a desktop or laptop, it might not be able to play on a phone or tablet. Users don’t like to click on a site only to be told the video isn’t available. You have to make sure all your content can play on desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet, wearable technology or any other type of product.

3.Faulty Redirects. Could there be anything more annoying than clicking on a link only to have it go nowhere or an error message is revealed? You have to make sure that any redirecting links you have on your website actually go where they are supposed to go. If you have separate mobile URLs, you must redirect mobile users on each desktop URL to the right mobile URL. Don’t redirect to other pages.

4.Annoying Interstitials. If you use overlays on your content, you have to ensure they are visible on all devices. If they completely cover the content that your user wants to see, you have annoyed the user. At that point, the user will leave, and you lost a potential sale. On top of that, Google will not rank your site high on mobile devices or desktops.

5.Slow Mobile Pages. Everyone wants speed. When you are in a store, you want a fast checkout. When you are at a bank, you want to be in there and out the bank in no time. Even phone commercials will tell you that they have the fastest time. You need to be fast on your mobile sites too. If they load too slowly, you’ll lose rankings and customers.

To avoid these mistakes, you might want to get have a look at this amazing Infographic by a well known SEO Reseller Agency – Clixlogix. This infographic is based on Mobile SEO guidelines that Google has released recently after its Mobile Update.

Five Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Mobile SEO

Then, you will be able to be on top of Google and capture those elusive customers.

Learning how to master search engine optimization takes time and talent. Once you have the basic ideas down, you will be able to succeed in your business and capitalize on the growing smart phone trend!

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