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Digital Marketing: 5 Reasons Your Business Is Not Gaining Any Good Traffic

So you’ve set-up a business and it finally went live. At first, you felt very psyched about the reality that your business is finally up and running. However, when checking your traffic reports, it appears that your latest endeavor has not been showing signs of efficiency. Your page views are dipping each day, your number of returning visitors have also plummeted, and less referrals are coming in.


Clearly, you’ve sensed that there’s a problem. But don’t blame yourself for it, as any beginners in digital marketing hit the same wall from time to time.The key is to recognize the things that you’re not doing right and immediately seek for expert advice.


Here are 5 signs why your website is not gaining more attention it deserves:



1. Your social media management is poor.


Let’s face it Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels are what’s in right now. They are the go-to source of the youths, tech-savvy people and other ordinary citizens for almost anything under the sun.

In case you still didn’t know this fact, you’re definitely losing a lot of customers.

In order to gain a decent amount of traffic, you should be updating all of your social media accounts on a regular basis.


2. You don’t have an email newsletter


Not having a ‘subscribe’ button on your website for people to follow the latest happening in your business can lead to failure. First of all, the reason why you’ve set-up a website so potential customers can reach you at any time. Having them see your name in their Inbox can mark a good rapport in your business relationship toward each other.


3. Your meta tags are way out of bounds


Tags, meta tags, keywords and other descriptive words linking your business to the world wide web play a major role in your progress. If people are seeking for your products and services and simply couldn’t find you in top search engines, you must reach out to your website developer immediately.


Ask them about how you can be searched in the top ranks of Google, Yahoo and Bing to gain more impressions. When posting new promotions and offers, remember to incorporate SEO tricks in tags for hitting high traffic.


4. Your posts are ancient


Sad but true. Customers have developed a habit of always seeking for something new and exciting products in the market. And if you’re constantly just scrolling up and down, browsing your comments section and not posting anything new, there’s a high chance that you’re already losing a customer after another per minute.


To begin attracting visitors, add more fuel to your posts and be creative. Keep them updated and make sure to always post relevant articles or promotional offers.


5. Your testimonial page and review section are out the window.


Imagine yourself buying something without further insights into a product. Isn’t it an annoying, self-doubting thought? The same applies when browsing a business without seeing any outside input from other sources. In order to establish that your company is a reputable, functioning business – it’s very important that you insert a testimonial page from your past customers for better reference. Reviews matter.





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