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Facebook Highlights Latest Trending Topics from Across the Network [Infographic]

Facebook’s research team have released their latest Topics to Watch report, which highlights key subjects that are seeing significant increases in mention volume across The Social Network.

Facebook started their monthly Topics to Watch report last April as a means to help marketers tap into ‘the next big thing’, pinpointing key discussions of interest that have been seeing big spikes in mention volume amongst their 1.86 billion active users. And their predictions thus far have been pretty good - Facebook’s researchers say that 80% of the topics they’ve identified via the Topics to Watch reports have gone on to become more prominent trends.

So which key subjects of interest should you be paying attention to at the moment?

Facebook Highlights Latest Trending Topics from Across the Network [Infographic] | Social Media TodaySome interesting considerations, as always. Of course, not every brand is going to have a relevant angle on infant onesies or eyebrow transplants, but if you can see a perspective on any of these topics for your business, it’s likely worth investigating in your content, as it’s generating increased interest among Facebook users.

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