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How Apple Devices Support Advanced Email Techniques [Infographic]

Ever since email became a media-rich communication channel - with the inclusion of CSS coding along with HTML - Apple devices have been a key focus for e-mail marketers, providing great opportunities for new presentation techniques and tools.  

What makes Apple devices an email marketer’s playground?

Apple native email supports auto-download of images and supports CSS3 coding, video, and GIF playback out-of-the-box. Hence, email marketers can experiment with different elements that increase the overall user interactivity. By increasing the user interactivity within the emails, your subscriber tends to spend more time with your emails, and this in turn helps in conversion. 

Effects that were only achieved on webpages using Javascript are now possible with keyframe animations. Animations such as flutter, flip, dissolve or zoom out when clicked or tapped raise user’s curiosity and this leverages into improved UX. 

Animations made possible using Keyframe animation

  • Rotating Banner & Slider in Email
  • Accordion in Email
  • Interactive Menu in Email
  • Integrated Forms in Email
  • Video Playback in Email
  • Animated GIF in Email
  • And many more…
  • Is all love lost for other email clients?!

Just because Apple devices support different interactive elements doesn’t make it exclusive. GIF playback is supported in most of the widely used email clients. Android Native client and Thunderbird are second to Apple in terms of compatibility in mobile and desktop respectively. Moreover, for the non-supporting email clients, appropriate fallback options ensure that user experience is not broken. 

Our latest infographic, titled ‘Email advancements for Apple Subscribers’, lists all of the possible interactive elements, along with sample emails for consideration.

How Apple Devices Support Advanced Email Techniques [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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