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How Content Will Change SEO in 2016

As the world welcomes 2016, it is important for any content marketer to know what’s in and what’s out when it comes to content online. Now’s the best time to examine the trends and the content shifts in content business to keep you on top of your game. As a content manager, it is important that you understand the content design and the content trends that will control the type of content marketing that you will come up with. Content that’s not being read might as well be content that is not produced at all.

When you know the content trends, then you will know where to put your efforts into. Some of these trends may have been introduced in 2015 and will continue to evade the market of 2016, while there are some new ones that you might want to carefully study. From virtual reality to the SEO in your mobile phone, here are the top content trends of 2016 that you need to watch out for.

Mobile Content Will Change SEO

There is no doubt that the smartphone has changed the way people view the world and even think. The number of people using their smart phones are growing by the minute, thus the utmost importance that a content marketer must put into writing content for the mobile reader. In the past, the primary concern of developers and even marketers, whether content or not, is the desktop user. They have designed their programs to meet the needs of such types of users, until the trend of using the mobile device changed everything.

  • Mobile Device is In -- From social media browsing to communicating with others to gain access to news and entertainment news, more and more people prefer to use their mobile devices to do these little things every day. And because there is an undeniable increase in the number of people using their mobile phones, perhaps the strongest trend for 2016 is for content marketers to adjust their content to fit the frame and the patience of those using their mobile devices.

  • SEO to Social Media – it’s definitely here. The great shift from what used to be just SEO for researches will now be transferred to whatever Social Media has to offer. Most of these mobile users skip the use of the search engine. Consumers have become more interested in visually-rich data that they would rather do their search through social media. They even prefer the use of infographics and that’s where you can combine content and visuals and make it work.

  • Facebook content will still dominate – although the shorter content produced through Twitter and its followers may have a say on how content marketing will eventually go this 2016, the content produced through Facebook remains to be strongly relevant. No matter how old or young your target consumer is, it is important that you produce content for Facebook that they can read through, mobile or otherwise.

  • Content on new social media sites will change the name of the game – it is important that content managers also recognize the importance of creating content for various types of social media sites. Although there is content for such sites, not all of them come in long lines or in the form of a blog. Content generators must also be open to recognizing that content may come in many forms and that a visually-catching picture may come with content, still. Advertising opportunities in these social media platforms must be used well to get desired results.

  • Explore new Content Publishing Options – Although it may seem as if there are so many article publishing sites that come in different names, there are still new publishing options for content that will come out this year. There will be an Instant Article publishing form through Facebook that will be launched this year and will be fully-functional by the third quarter of the year. That’s really going to be amazing for those who are publishing and marketing through content online.

Content has and will always be a huge part of the success of what SEO is all about. All that one must know  the type of content to produce to make sure it is timely, consistent and is worth to read.


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