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The Opportunities of Maximizing Customer Value [Infographic]

Today digital world has created both massive challenges and opportunities for brands.

Consumers expectations are rising, with access to price comparisons, product reviews and buying options available to them anytime they desire. However, they also leave behind 'digital footprints' which can provide smart brands with deep insight into audience behaviors, tendencies and preferences, enabling them to deliver more personalized, relevant experiences and meet those increasing consumer demands.

Yet, despite this growing opportunity, a massive disconnect exists within most marketing departments between the mission of being a customer-centric business and the corresponding structure and budget allocated to support this type of initiative. In fact, many organizations are holding onto budget structures from a bygone era, which is the equivalent of embracing an analog strategy in a digital world.

Below is a review of the massive opportunity facing most consumer brands and the challenges they have to overcome to earn trust and loyalty from their customers.

The Opportunities of Maximizing Customer Value [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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