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How to Use Periscope to Drive Business for Your Brand

Video is only getting bigger in terms of digital marketing, and if you're looking to drive engagement and brand awareness through live-streaming video, then Periscope is the answer. 

Because Periscope is still somewhat of a new social media channel, businesses and brands aren't exactly sure how to utilize it to drive new business. Rest assured, there are a ton of ways that Periscope can be used to market your brand, and I've got the tips to get the most out of Periscope for your business.How to Use Periscope to Drive Business for Your Brand

Give Live Product Demos

There's nothing more reassuring than a brand showing you how their product works in real time—just look at how successful it's been for Apple.

Whether you're a software company walking consumers through a live demo or a fashion brand debuting the latest fall line, mobile live-streaming video is the place to be to give people a first look at your product or service, or to teach them how to use your product. There's nothing more frustrating than buying something and not being able to follow the confusing written directions that come with the product.

With Periscope, not only can you do live streaming product demos, but your demo can be interactive, so your viewers can ask questions and you can answer them, all in real time. This gives your brand the type of transparency that consumers are looking for in a company, thus enhancing brand loyalty.

Live product demos are one of the best ways to engage with your audience. 

Email List Building

Just because you're using Periscope—a newer form of marketing—doesn't mean that you forget your roots of email marketing.

You should be asking viewers to leave their email addresses in the comments section so that you can build your email marketing list. If you're putting out great content on Periscope, your viewers shouldn't have any problem giving you their email address and further engaging with your brand. 

If you want to take it a step further and drive more engagement and results, try giving something away in return for your viewers providing you with their email addresses: (example: leave your email address in the comments section in order to win a [X product] from us!).

There will be some extra leg work here in terms of manually pulling the email addresses from the comments section and putting them into your email marketing database, but the real value here is the fact that you added an engaged list of emails into your database without much work to do so. Once you have those emails, you should deploy an email marketing campaign and use marketing automation to put targeted content in front of your viewers and drive further business.

Keep putting out great content and viewers won't have an issue giving you their email address.

Cross-Promote Content

A lot of people think Periscope content is only for Periscope users, but that's not the whole truth.

While Periscope doesn't make it easy to share content across other networks, it is possible. There are ways to hack the vertical layout of Periscope in order to share your content on other social media channels, like YouTube, including by using a tripod. This slideshare will show you how. 

Also, cross-promoting doesn't always have to mean sharing content on other social channels. It could be something as simple as letting your fans and followers on other social media platforms know that you're on Periscope and to follow/watch your videos on the app.

Use your klout on the other social networks to build your following on Periscope and ultimately drive more business for your brand.

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