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Sales + Marketing = Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

Braveen Kumar writes that “the relationship between Sales and Marketing teams can be like oil and water—antagonistic and unlikely to mix.”

But when Sales and Marketing teams work together symbiotically, both teams have the potential to succeed far beyond what they might do working alone.

Kumar suggests that “SMarketing,” a close relationship between Sales and Marketing, can create “a cycle of success” where “content performs better when buyer personas are grounded in actual buyers.” Of course, marketing will give more qualified leads to Sales and Sales will get content that they can actually use to close deals.

Kumar says that when “SMarketing” is really working, “it ensures that the entire organization is aligned with their actual buyers and the marketing engine is actually creating the right content and campaigns.”

The below infographic by Uberflip shows why Sales and Marketing teams don’t always get along and suggests way to achieve “SMarteting.”

Why SMarketing Matters

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