How to Monitor Your Brand Using Twitter Search

Pam Dyer Marketing Maven, SolutionsIQ

Posted on February 25th 2010

How to Monitor Your Brand Using Twitter Search


More and more business and organizations are beginning to realize that Twitter is an excellent (and free) way for them to monitor how people feel about their brand, company, or product. With users pouring out their thoughts in 140-character bursts, a great deal of discussion revolves around products and services. These tweets are very relevant because other consumers can read and be affected by them.

So it’s important to know how to track your brand or products (and those of your competitors) on Twitter.

This great video tutorial offers some simple techniques to get you started. It was created by by John Haydon. His company, Inbound Zombie, helps small businesses and nonprofits get more customers, build communities, and increase awareness. He’s also a contributor at SocialBrite.

He demonstrates how to create saved searches for:

    • Your name
    • Your username
    • Your brand
    • Your competitors
    • Keywords related to your industry

      He also explains how to:

      • Use Backtweets to track URL mentions
      • Get to know the advanced search option on Twitter
      • Search from, to, and/or about users, search by location, etc.
      • Create RSS feeds for your Twitter search results
      • Create e-mail alerts for your Twitter search results using TweetBeep

      If you educate yourself about how they work, search engines will become one of your most valuable tools.

      Have you used Twitter Search to monitor your brand? What about Backtweets or TweetBeep? Please share your experience…

      (Image: Matt Hamm)


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