Who Do YOU Look to for Thought Leadership?

Paul Simon Chief Communicator, SharperContent

Posted on May 2nd 2012

Who Do YOU Look to for Thought Leadership?

Good things come to those who share freelyImage with others. Congratulations to those who made the “Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers for 2012” over at Top Sales World.

One of the pleasures of curating The Customer Collective is forging relationships with some of the best thinkers in sales and marketing. So it was doubly enjoyable to see so many TCC contributors on this brand new list.

Congratulations to:

Ardath Albee, Miles Austin, Trish Bertuzzi, Paul Castain, Kevin Eikenberry, Jonathan Farrington, Josiane Feigon, Colleen Francis, Charles Green, Paul Greenberg, Matt Heinz, Mark Hunter, Jill Konrath, Dave Kurlan, Kendra Lee, Paul McCord, Dan McDade, David Meerman Scott, Nancy Nardin, Kelley Robertson, Lori Richardson, Anneke Seley, Koka Sexton, Art Sobczak (check spelling), Dave Stein, Dan Waldschmidt and Wendy Weiss.  

Quoting from the awards announcement on Top Sales World:

“Who really are the sales and marketing experts, gurus, commentators, authors and spokespeople who are genuinely influencing the way we think, sell and market our companies/products/solutions in 2012? … Over the past few weeks, a small team of professional researchers rigorously examined the credentials of one hundred and fifty possible "candidates" to arrive at the top fifty, and we also asked the editors of the most popular sales resource venues to give us their opinion.”

The criteria:

  • Social media presence
  • Quality, regularity and popularly of written work
  • Active engagement with recognized resource sites
  • A commitment to continually advancing selling and marketing practices

Six TCC contributors on the list are members of our advisory panel. We’re grateful to Albee, Green, Greenberg, Konrath, Lee, and Seley for their time and commitment.

By the way, if you missed today’s webinar on B2B selling and social media with TCC contributors Waldschmidt and Todd Schnick, it was just as wild and informative as advertise. Watch TCC in a few days for a link to the archived webcast.



Paul Simon

Chief Communicator, SharperContent

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