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The Five Pillars of Power Publishing [Infographic]

Most brands are publishers now.

Please note, I didn’t write most brands are effective publishers or influential publishers - because they’re not. They struggle with the many challenges brand publishing presents.

“If you aim to do it at scale and didn’t know what it takes going in, you’re learning fast,” says Paul Shirer, co-founder of PowerPost. “It takes people, ideas, processes, resources and technology to empower all of the above.”

Paul and I put our heads together to identify the most important challenges brand publishers must address: content, workflow, distribution, conversion, and analytics.

We ultimately dubbed the list “The Five Pillars of Power Publishing” and delivered an in-depth examination of each in a new eBook, which you can download free here.

In the making of the eBook, I interviewed marketing experts including Joe Pulizzi, Andy Crestodina, Lee Odden, Ann Handley and many more. Each agreed to do short interviews with me regarding the challenges of publishing at scale and executing as effective journalists do, while aiming to achieve practical marketing objectives.

Their insights are golden, so we produced the infographic below to share them with you. 

The Five Pillars of Power Publishing [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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