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Save Time and Energy With These Productivity-Boosting Chrome Extensions [Infographic]

Laypeople assume social media managers just hang out on Facebook all day, but in reality, the job is busy, at times stressful, and demands a wide variety of skills. With Chrome extensions, avid users and managers can make the best of their time on social media.

For example, when searching for quality content, Pocket enables you to save articles, videos, and more to view later. This allows users to collect potential interesting content in one place, then sort through it later. Another extension, OneTab, provides a single tab that lists all your currently open pages: This reduces clutter and enables social media managers to keep dozens of tabs available without slowing down their computer or losing track of what’s open.

Other extensions help with time management, organization, content scheduling, email management, and more. See the infographic below for more Chrome extensions that can save social media managers time and help maximize their productivity.

Save Time and Energy With These Productivity-Boosting Chrome Extensions [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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