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Why Recruiters Need Social Media Training [Infographic]

Brands use social media in a number of different ways.

Most people think of social primarily as a marketing tool, but many brands now use social for recruiting. This is for good reason - social media provides lots of ways to help brands find and connect with great talent, while job seekers can also use social media to set themselves apart and attract better organizations, and better offers (see our article on How Social Media can help Anyone Get a Job). 

We've rolled up a few statistics about how social media is used, and some compelling disconnects in how it's used by recruiters, brands, and job seekers in this infographic. There are lots of opportunities for social HR, but recruiters, whether working for brands, or recruiting agencies, need to be trained in order to know where to look for the right talent, and how to use social networks and tools to the best effect.  
Why Recruiters Need Social Media Training [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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