April 25 #SMTLive Twitter chat recap: How Does Geotargeting Fit Into Your Customer Outreach Strategy? 


Announcing our next #SMTLive Twitter chat with a special guest host -- Peter Adams from Mobile Marketer!

Our next top of discussion will be Find My Fans: How does geotargeting fit into your customer outreach strategy? 

Tune in Tuesday, April 25th, from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT as we talk about what's hot in social media marketing, how marketers are using geotargeting to engage with fans and attract new customers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @socialmedia2day and use the hashtag #SMTLive to join the conversation. 

Questions to consider:

1. Does geotargeting fit into your marketing strategy? If so, what methods have you used? If not, why?
2. What are your thoughts on social media geotargeting
? Any hesitations to using offline attribution tracking via social media?
3. How do you avoid the "creep factor" in any sort of geotargeting?
4. In your opinion, what in the most effective form of geotargeting today? Any examples of companies doing it right?
5. What's the most important information a brand can gather via geotargeting on social media?



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