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17 of the Best Content Curation Tools to Use in 2015

Creating content for multiple platforms each and every day can be taxing for even the most skilled copywriter. It means coming up with fresh, interesting content constantly to provide great resources for your clients, but I know that we all can have a rough time at it if we go it alone and don’t do content curation.

So how do you exactly go about curating excellent content? Do you just use Google? What if Google does the unthinkable and fails when you are looking for content? Simple; you find content curation tools to help you widen your scope! I am going to look at the top content curation tools you can use to help benefit your content in 2015.

Why Do You Need to Do Content Curation?

Content curation seems like it might be a bit extraneous at first because you know your topics right now, and you know adequate information about them. However, content curation is vital to any content campaign because it can help you get incredible content pieces to share with your audience, as well as helping you figure out new topic ideas. When you curate content, you will find that you can have great brainstorming sessions that will not only help you with your web content but can also help you come up with new ad campaigns.

Remember, when you are curating content, you are only looking for content to gain inspiration from, not to copy. This can hurt your page rank with Google and make you look rather unprofessional. Instead, use it as a way to inspire yourself and create your own individual content for your clients.

The Top 17 Awesome Content Curation Tools to Use

“Ok, content curation is important, now what?” This tends to be the thought on many people’s minds when they hear about curation because many aren’t exactly sure where to start. I, however, wanted to answer that question by giving you some excellent content curation tools that you can use in 2015 to curate excellent content for your web content and clients. Let’s take a look!

  1. Trap.It. This particular content curation tool is really neat. It is an “intelligent” tool, which means the more content you curate the smarter Trap.It gets. This helps you find excellent content by “trapping” it in folders for you to peruse and gain great inspiration.
  1. Feedly. Feedly helps you to curate blog content that can be used as resources for future posts or give you great ideas for upcoming content. It doesn’t pull images, but the lack of visuals doesn’t diminish the importance of this tool.
  1. Pinterest. Wait, a social network can be a content curation tool? Why yes it can! Follow people in your industry, as well as pop culture icons to get access to tons of great content ideas. Save these ideas to boards on your account, and work with them to curate excellent content for you and your clients.
  1. Quora. Quroa is a content curation tool that I really enjoy. You can set up an account, and then search your keywords to find excellent content to store away for future use. You can also set up your account to be notified about articles that pertain to your field so that you can get more articles and interesting ideas in your inbox.
  1. Scoop.It. This tool is incredible because you not only get to curate content but you are also put in connection with other content curators. This helps you gain insight from leaders in various fields, and those within yours. It also gives you the chance to share your information with others to help another curate their own content.
  1. iFlow. This platform allows you to make specific filters and ideas that fit with your niche market. This can help you find adequate content that pertains to your industry, and the flow will give you constant streaming content ideas that you can look through and sort as you see fit.
  1. MyCurator for WordPress. This tool is perfect for those who utilize WordPress for their website and blog. It gives you the chance to curate content regularly by installing a plugin. It will bring in articles from all over the web that pertain to you, helping you curate content that can be very beneficial.
  1. Spundge. Spundge is similar to Pinterest in that you can set up keywords and find great content that is relevant to you, saving it for later. However, Spundge does something different from Pinterest in that, over time, it learns what you are interested in, tailoring your results to meet your needs. You can also send out your curated content in RSS form to help provide people with the chance to find your content and receive help.
  1. Learnist. This tool is great because it helps people learn from industry leaders. You will be able to curate expert content, and even learn new information about your industry. Constantly learning is great for content curation and creation, and Learnist provides you with this opportunity.
  1. Slideshare. While this doesn’t act like most of the other content curation tools I’ve mentioned, it does provide you with the chance to learn from others and share your knowledge. You can look through various Slideshares of those in your industry to gain new information and curate content, and you can always share what you’ve learned to help someone else who may be looking.
  1. Storify. This is an awesome visual tool that can help users create storyboards for their content campaigns by utilizing content curation. You can either be the one doing the creating, offering people content to curate, or you can look through the storyboards and curate content from others. In addition, you can also get a WordPress plugin for Storify.
  1. List.ly. Whether it is in a blog, a grocery list, or a simple to-do list, everyone has some sort of love for lists. They are great at helping you keep track of things, and they are perfect when it comes to content curation. On List.ly, you can gather your information together in a great list, and then users can up-vote or down-vote each part. This can help you find content that will be more impactful, and which content you might want to stay away from. Again, just like with Storify, there is a handy WordPress plugin for List.ly.
  1. ContentGems. This program gives you access to over 200,000 RSS feeds, which makes it very likely that you will be able to curate content that will be applicable to your needs. All you have to do is search your chosen keywords, and you can skim through several different resources, curating content along the way.
  1. Bundlr. Bundlr takes what you’ve found across the Internet and bundles it into easy to manage groups. As you scour through the Internet, you can clip articles or social posts you’ve found to save for later. Once you’ve created an entire bundle, you can add meta data and publish it for others to find great content. You can also add it to your website or share on social media if you feel so inclined.
  1. Triberr. Triberr is a great way to help connect with industry leaders and curate their content. This program provides groups called tribes, which are basically areas of interest. You can find your area(s) and join the tribe to begin curating great content, and you can share that content when you find something useful.
  1. Post Planner. This tool helps you to share your curated content on Facebook at some of the best times. It promises that it can help you get viral content by just spending ten minutes each day on the program. It looks at your Facebook and decides what dates, times, and content pieces will work best for you, giving you the maximum reach with your content and blogs. This can help boost Facebook engagement, and get those curated pieces out to your audience.
  1. Curata. Curata is another intelligent content curation tool because it makes sure to find articles and content that meets your interests. It goes throughout blogs around the Internet and tailor makes content lists for you to look through. It gives you the chance to look over the curated content, annotate the pieces, and curate the best content for your industry needs. This is an especially great tool if you happen to be very busy, as well!

In the End, When it Doubt Follow Industry Blogs and Use Social Media

These tools are all great to use, but if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, you can always follow industry blogs and look at social media. These basic methods are also great tools when it comes to content curation. If you are still overwhelmed with curating excellent content, you can always come to Express Writers. We have an incredible team that specializes in content curation, finding the best items to use for content inspiration as well as to share on social media. Take a look and see for yourself!

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