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3 Pinterest Strategies to Help Businesses Pin Like a Pro

With over 100 million users, sponsored pins, and new buyable pins, there’s no doubt that Pinterest will become the go-to social network for businesses to convert interests into sales in 2016. But how will they do it?

Kelly Lux, Assistant Program Director for Communications@Syracuse, advises three essential Pinterest strategies for businesses to follow for success.

Give Choice in Views to Pin

Allow customers to pin the product view that’s currently highlighted on their screen. Many sites offer a variety of photographs of each product, but only one option is offered for pinning - usually the first in the series of photographs. By allowing the customer a choice of views to pin, you’re providing them some personalization, as well as gaining a variety of views of the same product that can be posted on Pinterest.

Redirect "No-Longer-Available" Pins to the Same Category 

If you run a site with frequent turnover of product (i.e. One Kings Lane), direct the pinner who clicks on an item that is no longer available to the section of the website corresponding to the product (i.e, dining room chairs), rather than to the homepage. Consumers who land on a page of similar items are more likely to stay engaged on your site for longer.

Use Consistent Meta Descriptions

Pinterest search is very literal. If you are a store that sells home decor, and you don’t state that in your profile, you won’t show up in a search for ‘Home Decor’ pinners. Pottery Barn doesn’t do this. But if PB used the same meta description as they do in a mobile search on Google ‘Home Decor, Accents and Accessories’ - problem solved.

So if you're a business looking to tap into the 100 million users Pinterest has to offer, follow these tips, keep an eye on your Pinterest analytics, and happy pinning!

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