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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter Video (from Twitter)

You’re no doubt aware that video is, in general, currently the most effective way to reach users via social, with video posts producing better engagement than static content on Facebook, Instagram and… well pretty much every platform.

That’s not definitive, of course, every brand and audience has its unique quirks, you don’t necessarily have to invest in video to maximize your social media marketing performance. But the data clearly shows that it’s a good option, and that’s it’s likely to be of benefit, if you’re able to add in video elements.

The same is true for Twitter – according to Twitter’s own research, Tweets with video generate 9X more engagement than basic text updates. That figure’s hard to ignore, and this week, Twitter has provided some additional notes on why, and how, you should be using video content on the platform to help boost your reach and response.

Here are Twitter’s tips.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

According to Twitter:

Research shows that people who view videos on Twitter are 50% more likely to be aware of an advertiser’s brand, and that videos on Twitter are 2x as memorable as those on other premium platforms.”

What Twitter means by ‘premium platforms’ is not entirely clear, as they’re not named, specifically, in the research, but the numbers again underline that video on Twitter generates results.

Twitter provides this example from MLB to underline the impact of video, with snippets of information coupled with a short video clip.

Video length is also an important consideration on Twitter – previous research has shown that a 15 second video on the platform is just as effective as a 30 second one, in terms of recall and impact.

3 Reasons Why You Should be Using Twitter Video (from Twitter) | Social Media TodayThis is slightly different to other networks, with the faster-pace of Twitter’s feed lending itself more to shorter, more succinct messaging.

2. Improve Brand Sentiment

Twitter says that people who view videos on Twitter feel 14% more favorable about that brand.

“By improving brand sentiment, you're increasing the positive association customers have with aspects of your brand.”

This, again, is based on Nielsen Brand Effect research, commissioned by Twitter in 2016.

In order to tap into this, Twitter advises that brands should create video content that shows:

  • Why your products and services are the best
  • How your offerings help customers
  • The positive social and environmental impact your brand has
  • Happy associations with your broader brand or products

Really, the essence of great video content is storytelling, but if you’re able to incorporate these elements into an effective story, you’ll likely be on a winner for Twitter video marketing.

3. Invest in Increasing Purchase Intent

Twitter says that videos on Twitter increase the average lift in intent by 34%.

“Consumers aren’t just watching your ads or talking about your products — they’re getting out there and voting with their dollars. Ultimately, increasing sales and improving the bottom line is a core focus for marketing and advertising, and videos on Twitter provide an effective channel to do so.”

This is another compelling reason to consider Twitter video – Twitter uses Reebok as an example here, in how they’ve utilized video storytelling to create buzz around their latest products by incorporating the above elements.

As noted, the data further underlines the value of video content on Twitter, which is largely applicable to other social platforms as well. You should always be looking to create platform-specific content to capitalize on the unique strengths of each, and deliver what your audience is looking for within the separate apps, but if you’re able, video can clearly be a beneficial option, when utilized well.

Maybe these notes will get you thinking on how to incorporate video into your own Tweet strategy.

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