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4 Steps You Can Follow to Generate Leads on Facebook [Infographic]

Are you posting to Facebook for your business, but not getting any serious engagement with your audience?

Do you know how to boost a Facebook post, but have stayed away from Facebook’s Power Editor and other ad management interfaces?

If so, then this new infographic is for you.

We’ve found that many business owners know just enough about Facebook to end up frustrated.

  • Set up a Facebook Page: check
  • Invite friends to like the Page: check
  • Put some text on images and post: check

At this point, the average Facebook Page manager starts to notice, “Hey, nobody’s actually seeing what I’m posting.”

So, they decide to use Facebook’s boost post feature.

And, while there’s a time and place for using “Boost Post”, this particular entry-level advertising option isn’t going to drive significant traffic or create any major change in your engagement. And it’s almost certainly not going to generate leads. To do that,  you need a strategy.

This infographic addresses this issue, providing an excellent starting point for pulling back the curtain on the mysterious process of generating leads on Facebook.

Even better, I think just about anyone willing to learn some new skills can follow these four steps and start using Facebook to generate qualified leads.

4 Steps You Can Follow to Generate Leads on Facebook [Infographic] | Social Media TodayThis post originally appeared on the BuzzPlant blog.

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