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4 Tips for Mastering Your Brand Personality on Social Media

Please take note - your social media manager hates when you ask questions like this:

“Why haven’t we done the mannequin challenge?”

When Hootsuite asked their followers what they hated most about brands on social media ‘linking your brand to every trend’ scored highly, and I have to say I agree. 

Done well, hijacking trends is a popular way for your company to reach new audiences on social media and reveal your human side. But done wrong, it can spell disaster.

Instead of joining in hashtags like #nationalpenguinday or #mannequinchallenge, here are four tactics you can use to show your human side and still stay ‘on brand’.

1. Go #BehindTheScenes

Many content types can be difficult to produce when time (or budget) is tight – that’s where behind-the-scenes (BTS) content comes in. 

With the use of your trusty smartphone in hand and your happy employees all around you, BTS content provides real value-drive and effective posts. Think about it - you’re giving your customers unique and intimate access to your business with a first-hand view of what goes on behind closed doors. Use this opportunity to tease product launches or offer exclusive content. 

A recent Instagram post from Lush does just this. 

4 Tips for Mastering Your Brand Personality on Social Media | Social Media Today

2. Share your infinite wisdom

For companies that offer a service, you'll be particularly familiar with the struggle of highlighting your knowledge without giving too much away.

The trick here? Strike a balance and don't be afraid to ENGAGE. After all, it is 'social'. 

Participate in Twitter chats, hold Q&A sessions and share your tips – all on social media. By doing this, you’re not only demonstrating your knowledge, but you’re establishing your reputation.

It might seem time-consuming but you’ll be surprised at just how much inspiration can come from this to create future content.  

3. Be a Cheerleader 

Celebrating internal successes on social media is one of those gifts that just keeps on giving. If you’re proud of the work your company is doing, say so. 

Whether you’ve won an award or a new member of staff has started, success posts send out the right message about your company. It demonstrates growth, makes a statement about your culture and - as any HR department will tell you - does an excellent job of recruiting future talent. 

The best part about celebrating company successes? Bringing your employees on board is the simplest and quickest way of amplifying your content 

4. Build relationships 

Remember in the previous point when I said employees were your secret weapon for increasing audiences and engagement? Well, there’s more to come.

If you've recently completed a project, share your success stories and let your customers do the same. Generating social proof through any social networks can greatly increase the discoverability of your brand.

You'll notice that you don’t need a marketing department to create any of these types of content, nor do you need the most expensive camera available to you. All you need is yourself and your team. 

Standing in a room shouting about your latest product isn’t going to interest people, and likewise, participating in a viral trend isn't going to build the right relationships. Follow these steps to build an audience that knows, likes and trusts your brand, and you’re already half way there.

What are your tips for showcasing your brand personality on social media?

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