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Announcing the Exciting Next Chapter for Social Media Today

Social Media Today is proud to have become, since its founding in 2007, a hub for the latest news in social media, digital, technology, advertising, and marketing.  Through excellent written content, webinars, and events, Social Media Today is now an indispensable part of the conversation on digital media. This is in large part due to the ever-growing community--the collection of readers, bloggers, and thought leaders like you who make Social Media Today what it is and what will continue to become. We write to you now to announce and welcome the new owners of Social Media Today and its assets: Industry Dive.

As you know, the Social Media Today family was dealt a terrible blow by the untimely death in December of founder and CEO Robin Carey. Robin was the heart and soul of Social Media Today, leading and inspiring all of us with her sharpness, wit, candor, capabilities, and passion for all things social.  It is her vision that led us to where we are today: the number one most influential social media marketing organization, as named by Onalytica in 2015, with over 3,000 contributors and over 200,000 members of our community. We feel confident that Industry Dive can continue Robin’s legacy through furthering the vital conversation that happens on Social Media Today.

Since 2012, the Washington, D.C-based Industry Dive has served over two million executives, bringing news and trends to professionals through 11 publications, including Marketing Dive. We couldn’t be more confident that Social Media Today and its assets will thrive under the guidance of the smart and warm people of Industry Dive.

We look forward to seeing and participating in how Industry Dive grows and enhances Social Media Today, and we hope you feel the same, extending to the new owners the generous support you have given us in the past. We are all dedicated to Social Media Today’s part in the vibrant global conversation about digital media and technology, and we want to thank you for your participation—as a reader, writer, or do-er—in this important and thriving movement.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this next chapter, please feel free to reach out to socialmediatoday@industrydive.com

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  • Mike Johansson's picture
    Feb 24 Posted 1 year ago Mike Johansson

    Congratulations on this next stage Social Media Today's journey. I'm sure the past two months have been very hard on everyone, but I wanted you all to know I appreciate what you all do each every day. Best - Mike Johansson

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