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Be a Sales Sherpa via Hyper-Connected Selling [Podcast]

Back for another appearance on Social Business Engine, David J.P. Fisher joins me for episode 163.

David (aka. DFish) is a speaker, writer and author of seven books, a musician, a sales coach, a podcaster, and a salsa dancer – really, I’ve witnessed it! His books are about selling, networking, and building relationships. DFish’s latest book is Hyper-Connected Selling: Winning More Business by Leveraging Digital Influence and Creating Human Connection.

His inspiration to write Hyper-Connected Selling was to help readers understand how to build influence and leverage their relationships. The target reader is anyone who sells on a regular basis, including sales professionals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. He says it’s for those who understand “that they have to be able to influence people in today’s economy.”

Be a Sales Sherpa via Hyper-Connected Selling

In the book, DFish addresses a lot of changes in the sales world, how the buyer’s journey has changed, and how salespeople need to shift because of it. He points out that we’re all in sales in some form and it’s time to stop interrupting and reinvent ourselves as salespeople.

Be a Sales Sherpa

Relationships are important and technology enables us to engage with people easily. DFish recommends taking the role of being “a sales Sherpa” and guiding the buyer through their journey. He says to use both old school and new school tactics to build relationships and trust by leveraging tools.

In referencing old-school tactics, DFish points out how sales used to be linear. However, today the sales matrix is a “3D contextual ball” of connections and relationships. Salespeople need to learn new skills regarding human connection. By working to complement Artificial Intelligence, you’ll be able to have better conversations.

Are You In Sales, Marketing, or Both?

In the past, salespeople could solely focus on sales. DFish says sales and marketing are no longer two separate entities; it’s a spectrum. We have to be part marketer and part salesperson. For example, social selling involves conducting marketing activities to engage in sales conversations.

“The old ways of doing business are not going to cut it anymore.” @dfishrockstar #sbeshow

It’s time to stop siloing sales and marketing and understand how to be both the hunter and the farmer to cultivate relationships. The old ways of doing business are not going to cut it anymore. “Salespeople don’t work in a vacuum.” The world is already connected, and we must stay relevant to remain employed.

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