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Being Future Strong is All About Simplicity [Podcast]

Bill Jensen is a simpleton and proud of it. He's known for extremely useful content and a passion for helping people work smarter, not harder. As CEO of The Jensen Group, Jensen works with an enviable list of clients including Bank of America, Pfizer, GE, L’Oréal Italia, NASA, Philips Lighting, and many others, to help them double their efficiency. That’s quite an amazing achievement.

For the past 25 years, Jensen has studied how work gets done, and much of what he’s discovered he finds horrifying, so, he's on a mission to empower businesses around the world to do something about it.

Jensen’s latest book Future Strong, is based on research from crowd-sourcing 7,000 senior executives and asking them, “What makes you, you?” and “What makes the tough choices that we all need to make as leaders to make future strong organizations?”

It’s all about breaking it down and making things simple. Jensen’s books, blog articles and speeches convey his insights to help people across all industries become more efficient by working smarter, not harder.

In a hyper-fast digital age, where innovation occurs seemingly by the hour, Jensen’s advice is to be ready for what's around the corner with an eye toward getting things done today.

On episode 102 of the Social Business Engine podcast you’ll hear why Jensen says the disruptive economy requires a workforce that is future strong and exactly what that means to each of us individually and to brands around the world. You’ll hear Jensen's secrets to building your best future and how to lead your organization into the future.

On This Social Business Engine Podcast Episode You'll Discover

  • The five choices to be future strong individually and in a company: inner truth, soul on fire, humble self, sacrifice, and reliance.
  • Why you should manage your skills like an investment portfolio by being prepared for tomorrow and be willing to let go of what no longer serves you.
  • Why you should be intensely curious to be future strong.
  • Why Jensen says, personal choices are corporate choices, and corporate choices are personal choices.
  • When researching for Future Strong, Jensen crowd-sourced 7,000 senior executives, asking them, "What makes you, you?" and "What makes the tough choices that we all need to make as leaders to make future strong organizations?"
  • How companies can leverage employees' crucible moments to forge new programs, strategies and procedures.

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