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Facebook Releases Data on How the Platform is Used by Women in Thailand [Infographic]

Facebook’s mission is to “give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected”. Mark Zuckerberg himself has often spoken about connecting the world, using Facebook as a platform to connect everyone to the wider, global conversation. It’s a noble aim, and one which Facebook is progressing with initiatives like internet.org and the like. And while, at the end of the day, Facebook ultimately stands to profit from such connectivity, it is fascinating to see how big a part The Social Network is playing in the process and in developing insights into the human condition and it’s commonalities across the globe.

In line with this, Facebook's data team has been producing more and more regionally focused reports, with a focus on using Facebook data to highlight relevant trends and behaviors in different parts of the world. And what’s particularly interesting is that despite the region, most of the wider trends are pretty similar - people are connecting via mobile more and more, people check Facebook multiple times per day, people use their Facebook connections as a source of feedback and insight. While the topics of discussion are different, it’s interesting to see how social media trends translate across borders and in different regions of the world.

In new research released by The Social Network today, we get a look into the role that Facebook plays in the different life stages of women in Thailand. Released on the Facebook IQ Insights blog, the findings have been compiled into an infographic, which offers valuable data for anyone marketing to this audience, but also reflects similar, global trends. For example, the info on how new Moms in Thailand use the platform reflects similar trends to those identified by Pew Research in their recent report on parents and social media in the US.  

If you’re marketing to women in Thailand, the info is a must, but even if that’s not your audience, the stats provide some interesting considerations on how people are using Facebook more widely.

Facebook Releases Data on How the Platform is Used by Women in Thailand [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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