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LinkedIn Adds Photo Editing Tools and Filters for Profile Images [Infographic]

Your LinkedIn profile photo is important – LinkedIn’s internal data shows that simply having a photo results in 21x more profile views and 9x more connection requests. But more than that, your LinkedIn profile image is often your digital first impression, the first image prospective employers and business partners will see when they look you up online.

Pretty important to get it right.

Ideally, of course, we’d all get professional photographers to take our profile picture, and if you have the time and resources, that probably is the best way to go. But we're not all able to take that route.

To help with this, LinkedIn has added an interesting new option within their mobile app:

To give you a quick and easy way to enhance and crop your existing photos - yes, even a selfie or group photo - we’ve added photo editing in our mobile app. There are now six photo filters available, and you can also crop and edit the brightness, contrast, saturation and vignette of your LinkedIn profile photo.”

Photo filters have become the norm on most other social channels, but may not have seemed like an obvious fit for LinkedIn, given the platform’s professional focus. But providing profile image tools makes perfect sense - and while some of those filters look a little too artificial, it’s no doubt better than some of the headshots you currently see on the platform.

As you can see in the above video, the new process is pretty straight-forward – you click on your profile image then either take a new photo or select one from your Camera Roll. You can then edit the image and add filters as you see fit.

LinkedIn Adds Photo Editing Tools and Filters for Profile Images [Infographic] | Social Media TodayIn addition, LinkedIn has also provided a new infographic which outlines the importance of your profile image, along with some key tips on how to make the most of it.

LinkedIn Adds Photo Editing Tools and Filters for Profile Images [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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