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Making Travel Plans on Pinterest – What Marketers Need to Know [Infographic]

Pinterest has released a new report into how people use the platform in their travel planning process. And with Travel being one of the most popular categories among active Pinners, if your business has any connection to the travel sector, it’s information worth taking note of.

As per Pinterest:

“Pinterest is a hot spot for travel with an average of 2 million saves per day. It’s one of our top 10 categories with a total of over 3 billion travel-related ideas. The planning process (where, how and what) starts to rise in January, and peaks in June when we see an average of 4 million saves a day.”

That’s a lot of travel-related activity - three billion travel-related ideas, and two million saves per day.

To help marketers tap into this tide of activity, Pinterest has collected their data into a new infographic which highlights the latest travel trends they’re seeing across the network, with some great insights worthy of focus.

You can read the full Pinterest '2017 Travel Trends' report here.

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