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Twitter Releases Major Events Calendar for July to Help Strategic Planning

Twitter has released the latest version of its monthly event calendar, covering all the major dates to be aware of in July.

Twitter started publishing their events calendars this year, and while there are already various forms of online calendar tools for such purpose, Twitter’s is different, in that it specifies not only the events of most interest, but also their projected tweet volume, based on past performance, which provides a great overview of where you should be paying attention in order to tap into social trends.

Here are the major events to watch out for next month.

A fairly broad spread of events – as explained by Twitter:

“People will come to Twitter to watch awards shows, share their excitement for #SharkWeek, and see what's happening at #ComicCon. With so many summer events happening there are plenty of opportunities for your brand to show your personality on Twitter with relevant content.”

The Tour de France is always popular, and can be great for related, themed content, while the fth of July also presents another key opportunity (though you want to get something together quick).

If you’re looking to promote your business via tweet, and you can think of a brand-relevant angle related to these events, it’s definitely worth considering. 

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