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What Influences the Purchase Decisions of Parents? [Infographic]

When you’re constructing your marketing plan, are you considering the influence that kids have in their parents’ purchasing decisions? A new study from Facebook has shown that 64% of parents believe that their children influence their decisions on where to go on vacation; that 62% of parents of teen children believe their kids have more influence on their purchasing decisions than they had over their parents before them; that 71% of parents believe their kids hold sway over how much they spend on products.

Now, those findings are relatively logical – of course, you need to factor in the kids when you’re considering your vacation - but here are some less evident impacts which Facebook found in their research.

  • Modern parents are seven times more likely to refer to Facebook over magazines when making family purchase decisions.
  • 62% of modern moms say Instagram is a place to learn about products and services
  • 41% of Millennial parents believe mobile devices help them make better purchase decisions, as opposed to 30% of Boomers

When you consider, too, that, according to Pew Research, 75% of parents use social media, you can see how these findings can have significant implications for marketers.

Facebook’s collected the data into a new infographic, along with a series of recommendations as to how marketers can action the data – take a look below.  

What's Influencing the Purchase Decisions of Parents? [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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