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Why Social Business is Way Bigger than Social Media Marketing [Podcast]

In honor of our centennial podcast episode, I went solo to share my thoughts and insights on the topic of social business. I also previewed exciting news about Social Business Engine.

You'll hear how I define a social business as an organization that embraces both the culture and technology of social. And, a social business empowers its employees to represent the brand in digital channels and trains its employees how to engage internally and externally through social channels.

It’s my observation that most organizations view social business and social media marketing as the same. It’s not. A social business isn’t focused on vanity metrics such as likes, fans, and followers. A social business views social as a channel to listen and engage and to improved its business outcomes.

One area that's very broken is sales, at least in terms of how it views social. The term “social selling” has become popular, but too many sales professionals misunderstand it to think that social media is another place to make cold calls, pitch, and prospect.

While social selling best practices certainly do produce results, the practitioners who are most successful are those who truly understand social business. I call them social business practitioners.

On episode 100, I provide an introduction to our new Social Business Workshop for Business Development. In the podcast, I explain our approach to a blended online learning program that is both group sessions with five participants, and also one-on-one coaching for customized learning.

Tune in to episode 100 to find out where our Social Business Engine channel is headed.

On This Social Business Engine Podcast Episode You'll Discover

  • The back-story behind Social Business Engine and why I started it.
  • How I define social business and why my definition doesn't include the word "marketing."
  • Why social business is so much more than social media marketing.
  • How a social business understands that employees across the organization should contribute to brand excellence, through external and internal engagement.
  • How we are beginning to provide educational services and what our first workshop, Social Business Workshop for Business Development, will look like.

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