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30 Killer Twitter Stats that will make you Rethink Twitter Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter is big for markers, especially for digital marketers. How big is Twitter?

Well, Twitter is the 4th largest social media network behind Facebook, Google+ and Instagram in terms of monthly active users.

Twitter is also the 3rd largest social media traffic driver behind Facebook and Pinterest.

If Twitter was a country it would have been the 12th most populated country.

The typical twitter user is a young woman with an average number of Twitter followers of 208 but don’t let that fool you. The number of new users and followers are increasing daily.

Here are some of the best Twitter statistics in an infographic.

twitter stats image1Infographic source:

Takeaways from the Twitter Statistics Infographic

Not everyone likes Twitter; especially family and friends who are not millennial.

Some think, all social media is evil especially those who are not in the tech, media, fashion or sports industries.

Beware, we live in an information overloaded century and you have to find ways to stand out in order to get attention; otherwise your tweets will be ignored just like passing traffic. Find ways to stand out like an awesome advertising billboard on the road. Use images and link to awesome content from industry experts. Use appropriate hashtags and keep them to a minimum. Tap on Twitter influencers to explode your Twitter reach.

Social media usage on mobiles is increasing rapidly and brands are spending more in mobile advertising. Make sure your website or blog is mobile responsive and loads fast.

More Twitter followers means more reach, traffic, sign-ups and sales. So build your twitter profile and tweet carefully. “With great technology comes great responsibility” – next Spider Man movie.

Let us know how you will use twitter differently with this newly found knowledge?

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