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Facebook Releases New 'Topics to Watch' Report Based on Trending Mentions [Infographic]

Facebook has released the latest version of their 'Topics to Watch' report, which highlights the key issues and subjects that are gaining momentum, in terms of conversation volume, across The Social Network.

Launched a year ago, Facebook identifies the Topics to Watch by analyzing conversation trends and comparing them to previous subjects which went on to become more significant shifts.Based on this, Facebook predicts that the topics they identify will continue to grow and become more relevant in future - meaning if your business has a relevant angle or perspective to share on any of these issues, it's likely worth investigating.

Facebook says that up to 80% of the topics they identify using this formula go on to see bigger focus from Facebook users.

This month, Facebook's identified another diverse range of discussion subjects to consider.

Maybe none of these relate to your business, maybe some do - but either way, the topics identified here, according to Facebook, are gaining momentum. It's worth considering whether you can tap into these trends to boost your Facebook content performance. 

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